Clearwater Beach Kings

This past week turned out to be pretty good for fishing. Set out Sunday, 11/18, to Dunedin Reef as we knew that the main cold front was going to hit around 2 pm. First blue runner in the water got slammed, 5 minutes later we have a 15 pound kingfish in the boat. It was the only bite we had all day. Weather on Wednesday (11/15) looked great and we decided another go. With the weather better, we decided to run 8 miles off Clearwater where we've caught some blue runner's in the 10 inch range. First baits soaked for a while with no action. We decided to switch leader to 30 pounds. Switch made all the difference as we had double hookups, both on large threadfins. First was 25 pounds and the second was a 37 pound kingfish that ran for at least 20 seconds at the start. Overall it was a great holiday week, good to see some kings out there still in large numbers.
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