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chasinfinschasinfins Posts: 139 Deckhand
So after finding a trout hole in chest deep water today i was wonderig whats yall favorite trout rig? I was freeling shrimp with a small spiltshot but the needle fish and pinfish were killing me. So i was thinking a cajun thunder with or with out a jigm with mojarra or pinfish. What do you guys think
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  • Capjohnson.mikeCapjohnson.mike Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    If you find a good flat with moving water and bait you'll definitely get into them. If it's still early morning I'll fish along the mullet schools like a bank. bait busters top waters chuggers or poppers and big swim baits. If it's getting to a later morning and I'm in a flat wading or drifting I'll throw DOA shrimp or cal. Slow is pro with any DOA bait🙃
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    I wear them out on top water, and I wear them out with sinking baits. Try my absolute best to not throw live bait, too many bait stealers. Especially in a grass flat. I throw a Jackall Bonnie 95, a Zara spook jr, a Johnny Rattler, a Zara II, and a full size Zara. I also slay them with a Johnson Sprite 1/2 oz. Silver for Trout and Gold for Reds. The F series Yozuri floating minnow works well as does the Yozuri 3DS smaller version minnow in AYU color. It has been deadly for Trout, Reds, Spanish, Lady Fish, Pompano, Blue Fish, and even a flounder from time to time.
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