First wild hog with thermo imaging scope

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My trail camera was showing hog in the bait at 7:00 PM so I set up at 6:15 PM for an ambush. At 7:00 PM I scanned the jungle and spotted a hog in the brush. I shot several minutes of video waiting for a clear shot at the hog. By this time I couldn't keep my leg from shaking. Finally the hog just left. I had a gut feeling it would return, an hour later 8:00 pm, I scanned the brush and saw 2 hogs headed for my bait pile. When I had a clear shot at the lead hog I fired, the hog flinched and took off running. I'm thinking, "crap did I miss again?" At least I had a video and could replay it to see what happened. Well, I made a good shot if the scope was dialed in. At 67, alone in the jungle I was not going to hunt for the downed hog that might not exist. Next day I take the 9mm for a walk in the jungle and found the hog.
The shot I made was an angular shot instead of a shot broad side. Looked like a lung shot, the reason the hog ran off.

The broad side shots I made last winter sent the hogs to the ground, no running off.

I'll post the video when I figure out how to trim it. Here it is, double click the link, hope it works:
You may need to copy and past the link to your browser (up on top of screen)




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    Awesome vid thats a funky looking hog
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    Yes it is. I named that hog "Old Black Jaw" because the body was white, jaw was black and black spots on the hind quarters. I give the hogs I see on my trail camera names to help identify them. All warm blooded animals appear white in the thermo scope so I never know what hog I'm shooting at. Black hogs and light hogs all appear white. Deer are easy to identify from hogs because of shape.

    The video demonstrates how well thermo works in jungle brush. Would have been almost impossible to see these hogs with night vision.
    Night vision works fine when hogs are in a clearing.
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    I’m very much liking what I see of the thermal.

    What would you reckon the maximum effect range is for accurately IDing your target?
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    I’m very much liking what I see of the thermal.

    What would you reckon the maximum effect range is for accurately IDing your target?

    Same question.
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    bswiv wrote: »
    Same question.

    I have an older model pulsar 50A that is MOA good to 200yds at least [less than 70 degrees] if 80 + 150yds. Have killed several out to 300 but hits were not point of aim. You get what you pay for for MOA out to 700yds you are talking 10 k plus cost. Target Id is not an issue provided you glass deer hogs & whatever prior to using for hunting. In 80+ temps long range res is drops significantly.
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    I’m very much liking what I see of the thermal.

    What would you reckon the maximum effect range is for accurately IDing your target?

    I don't know because all of my hog hunting is at close range. I'm going to a shooting range next week and will test fire at 100 yards. I sighted it in at 50 yards.

    Here is couple of pictures the scope took. Quite sure the pictures are of the now dead hog. Amazing how thermo sees into the vegetation. I'm real happy with it. Glad the video worked!!!! I'll post more in the future.


    Holy crap, a wild hog, didn't think I would see anything tonight, the perfect shot, but do I feel like dressing out a hog tonight, Naaa, having to much fun taking pictures:


    Oh boy, here he is 20' away, am I going to regret not shooting this bad boy tonight, I think I'll just watch him and see what I can learn.


    Hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I did taking the pictures.
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    Very cool. Thanks for posting!
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