West End again 2018?

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This past July the family and I made our first crossing to Old Bahama Bay and stayed at forum member "Docked Wages" property. It was a great trip and accommodations were really nice and the owner awesome to deal with. I didn't expect much in the line of fishing being it was more of an exploratory trip.We did fish a bit but the couple days there it was 2-3 short period and not that comfortable for the kids and wife being in the 26cc. We spent more time exploring down to freeport via boat, cruising the bank towards Mangrove Cay, hanging at the beach and pool then fishing.

This year I am contemplating another trip to west end or maybe another destination in the Bahamas leaving out of Ft Pierce Inlet probably for a week.Speaking to other fisherman at OBB heard trolling had been really slow for a couple weeks prior to our arrival in July.I would like to spend some more time fishing and or snorkeling this time around so a couple questions for the seasoned Bahama guys.

Hire a local guide and what to expect to pay? I did see many people using this option leaving the marina in the mornings but most were the trip and quad engine big money crews. I'm guessing bottom fishing is the way to go during the summer months.

General area to look for good bottom? We did head towards memory rock last time but as mentioned sea conditions weren't optimal so didn't spend a ton of time scouting around for good bottom areas.

General areas to snorkel for the kids shallow no current type spots?

I'm not sure if I should spend some time trying to figure out west end fishing or push on to another destination which I will eventually do anyways.Either way rental or resort has to be decent with some amenities; not sure the wife and kids would like a Rosies type place from what I have read. If its West End again I will probably stay at OBB.

Any advice / opinions welcome thanks


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    Thanks for the kind words. Its tough to get to know a new place in a short time and especially with all the added pressure of crossing with the family. When I take the family we make time to explore the island at least one day each trip and start logging in new adventures. Sandy key is also a family favorite for a day of snorkeling, fishing and lobstering. There is a cool wreck in 10' of water there to snorkel. I found Freeport to be a dying city and hope the govt steps in to help the tourism. There is still so much to do around West End and most do hire a local the show them the ropes to reduce the learning curve. Kenny Christie is one of many locals that you could hire to go out on your boat for the day and he would show you a remarkable day.
    Mark Wilson
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    Thanks Mark in retrospect I should have asked some of these questions before the trip over. I look forward to staying at your property again in the future. I will look up Kenny for sure the next time over.
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    Check out this thread I just posted from last weeks trip, regardless where you go on the next trip if you are near Port Lucaya National Forest you should check out Owls Hole, its an incredible experience and in the center of Grand Bahama island.

    Mark Wilson
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