Decorating boat for the Holidays?

MADhatTERMADhatTER Posts: 29 Greenhorn

New to living on the water (dania cut-off)...
Was thinking about putting some Christmas lights on the boat for holidays. Kids will get a big kick out of it.

But--can I put green and red LED lights up? These being the color of navigational lights thought it might be an issue?




  • AlwaysLearningMoreAlwaysLearningMore Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    Navigation Rules (rules of the road) prohibit displaying lights that can be confused for or interfere with required navigation lights. However, I have never heard of anyone being cited for this in Florida. There are lots of boats here (SW Florida) which decorate for the holidays, some very elaborately for boat parades or just for cruising around during the holidays. The biggest issue seems to be skippers that install lights that interfere with their own night vision while underway, this can be a real problem and can be dangerous.
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