Great day - back country Reds out of Homosassa 11-5-17

Got a chance to fish Ozello with my best buddy! Crazy low tide due to the full moon Sunday morning plus an extra hour of sleep due to the time change made us feel like a typical Miami fisherman hitting the ramp mid-morning... My son Alex and I were touring Florida Universities to give him a little taste of where he will continue his education next year. We made an important detour on our way to Tallahassee to fish Ozello! Using spinning rods - Alan Niblett poled us through the thick fog up the little creeks in the back country that he knows like the back of his hand. His little Hell's Bay is the perfect boat to stay ahead of the crowds and get to the fish just as the water was high enough to get in there. The fish were a little finicky early and we had a few refusals then things turned on and we were able to trick a few.

I wound up with a snook and a small red and Alex caught a really nice red! When Alex hooked up to the big fish it tour line off the reel like there wasn't any drag on the reel at all... Alex went to tighten up the drag and Alan yelled to leave the drag alone!! I have to say your Reds fight way harder than the reds down our way. Alex has caught more than a few in his day but figured the drag must have been to loose to have a fish rip drag like that!! After figuring out it wasn't a problem with the drag he went to work and after a few minutes and a little dance around the boat Alex was psyched to land the fish of the day!

Another great day in Ozello with memories we will never forget in one of the most pristine and beautiful areas in Florida. Crazy to watch my little buddy grow into a young man almost ready to leave the nest and I can't think of a better way to celebrate his future!

Thanks for a great day Alan! Spin or Fly (my last trip) - Alan is a great guy and a great guide to sneak around the back country with!


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