Offshore Homosassa Grouper Last Week

Well, I finally got a few keeper sized grouper last week after a summer of complete frustration. I took Kyle out last Wednesday and got a 22" red and a 26" gag in 55 ft after finding only shorts at 42 ft and 47 ft locations. The bottom out there is recovering nicely according to the live coral we brought up. Still nothing like the old days, but at least we got a few. Lot's of really big red snapper at the 55 ft spot. All of them were around 7 lb. They should be really good next summer if they stick around and we get a decent season.

I took Butch out on Friday and ran south off of Arapika in about 30 ft. We got nothing but short gags up to 23 1/2" bottom fishing. We then tried trolling that same area and only got lizard fish and one little gag. We then moved up toward home and did a lot of trolling between 20 and 25 ft with nothing but lizards. Then everything shut down completely. After 2 hr of dead fishing, we set up on a rock in 35 ft and got a 29" gag on a lizardfish head. But that was it. Pretty typical of a full moon bite. But at least some keeper gags are starting to show up.

The guides have been getting them pretty good on the shallow rocks, but I'm not really up on that game. Maybe it's time to learn how to get them in 6-12 ft of water.


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