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boynton 11/3

TL;DR - Skunk (but not because there weren't fish)

Went out early in search of wahoo on the high speed. Great rip and weeds around 350, but couldnt keep the lines clear. Trolled to pier, zig zagging between the rip and 120. Sun got high enough to see the water we were fishing was practically black, looked like the intracoastal all the way until that rip. Switched the game and trolled some mold crafts we had on the boat by chance, had a dolphin on but it came unstuck. Saw a few more that wouldnt bite, they seemed scared of the lure. We were not ready for dolphin fishing today! In by 9:30. All action/fishy water out at 350 and beyond.


  • JWPBJWPB West Palm BeachPosts: 259 Deckhand
    Sorry to hear, I use small lures for everything as I've had dolphin flee large rigged split tail mullet before, but also have seen posts on here where people catch peanuts on huge lures so not sure what the rule of thumb is.

    I picked up a spare tormenter 5 inch bird at FL boat show yesterday and that plus a 5-7 inch jet or bubble head behind it way back seems to appeal to the more skiddish fish. Mainly tuna and mahi but have hooked a few sails as well.
    Jupiter 29FS
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    High speeding for wahoo is always a roll of the dice. It sounds like you were in challenging conditions.

    Mahi can be fickle some days. I've seen them hit small baits that you would think would not interest them & I've seen them hit baits that were over half their size. For a while, they were all hitting artificial stuff & ignoring natural baits. The other day, ballyhoo was back to being the bait of choice again.

    Thanks for the report. I would not have expected those conditions.
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