Key West - No Lobster In My Inshore Spots

After a month and three weeks since Irma, I finally hit a patch of clear water where there was some decent visibility inshore. I have been really biding my time when I could hit my spots but until now it has been totally silted out. I have a half dozen inshore spots which I call my grocery store spots where I go whenever I need a lobster and pick up one or two and leave the rest for a later date. Up until two days before Irma, the spots were still full and I actually picked up a couple for a last meal. Well, after all those silty days and then the first cold front pushing through and dropping temps about 25 degrees, things were not looking good, but I was hopeful. Ended up only getting to dive three of the spots as a couple were churned up from 15k winds on the Gulf and one was over run with Mullet mud. But the spots I did dive were barren. Not a single antennae. Just a bunch of empty holes that were filled with legals to sub-legals which by now would probably have been legal. I will probably give it one more go as we are just heading into a new moon phase as well as temps leveling out in the low eighties. I figure if they are going to re-populate, then it will happen in the next week or two. If not, I guess there is always next year.
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