Crystal River 10-27-2017

Looking at the weather decided on taking the kids out after work on Friday. Gotta love how accurate those weather forecasts are. Didn't get out on the water till around 0930 which wasn't too bad considering we had four kids to round up and get ready. Stopped by Twin Rivers Marina but they had no live bait so we picked up some dead shrimp. Headed out to the spoil banks and the wind was more like 10-15 then the predicted 8, I guess I should just double it. The ride out wasn't too bad and we stayed mostly dry. Fished the North side of the spoil banks and caught 7 reds and a snook. All the reds were under 18 except for one but he was just barley over 18 so we sent him back. The snook was 22 and did do a little aerobatics for us. Headed in around two after the winds and waves picked up. Looking forward to doing some more exploring out there on a day with a little better weather.


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