Forum Member Took Me Fishing

Just some insight for non-boat owners who might get an invite.


I didn't have to worry about:

1. Picking up/cleaning the boat
2. Inspecting rods or insuring that I had enough tackle, i.e. hooks, leaders, sinkers
3. Boat prepared, gas, oil, battery
4. Putting together ice chest, water, food and soft drinks
5. Disappointing someone else, If;
A. Ed didn't have any shrimp
B. If Moore's wouldn't have any until 8 O'clock even though I made everybody get up in time to leave at 4:30 so we could be on the water at daybreak.
C. We didn't catch as many fish as anticipated or any at all.
D. We are catching fish, is EVERYONE catching at least a few, not all the same person.
E. I am catching more than my guest.
F. Weather forecast is wrong
6. I didn't bait anyone else's hook.
7. I didn't take off anyone else's fish
8. Getting everyone's lines untangled
9. Cleaning up after the Lady Fish.
10. Storing all the rods, towels, tackle and buckets used during the trip.
11. Cleaning the boat before storing
12. Properly backing boat into parking slot, without damaging mine or an adjacent boat.

I can't begin to tell you how relaxed I was at the end of the trip.

AND THEN, he wanted to argue because I wanted to pay my fair share.

Thanks to all on this forum, that are more than willing to share your wealth of knowledge and experience. Especially to the guy who took me fishing .


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