Is there a good, dependable weather report available?

We tried to make it out to "the hook" on Seahorse Reef yesterday around 10 am. According to all the reports I saw yesterday morning, winds were going to be 3 mph to 6 mph. The "Tides4fishing" page said to expect .6 ft waves at that time..... It was probably 15 to 20 mph winds, 3 to 4 ft waves and whitecaps in all directions! We decided we'd stay close in. The wind and waves did die around 1:30 but it was starting to pick up again by 3:30.

Does anyone have a link to a weather report that doesn't lie to you?

Edited to add: Fish report was a couple of small grunts, a small sea bass and two 3 ft or so thrasher sharks and Mark. One of the sharks hooked Mark while he was trying to get another line clear but we did learn that the hook removal technique of using a line near the skin to pull the hook out shown on YouTube does work pretty good. The hook removal went a lot better than the fishing.


  • 4WARD4WARD Cross Creek,FLPosts: 1,467 Officer
    Forecasts are updated by the hour (or less):huh
    Find every radar sight that you can and zoom out to the entire east US.
    Make your own prediction based on trial and error.
    That is all
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  • HARRYDHARRYD Posts: 208 Deckhand
    Thanks for testimony re hook removal. Have read about it many times and seen simulations, but never anyone using it first hand.
  • MichaelPilonMichaelPilon Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    There is no accurate forecast for Florida :(
  • SpineymanSpineyman Destin, FlPosts: 8,170 Admiral
    If you can find a reefcast for your area then they are the closest I have found but I adopted my own rule of thumb which is always more accurate than NOAA, pronounced NO WAY! I use the 5 knots per one foot method and it is way closer than most forecasts. You can get accurate wins speed and direction for your area so for every 5 knots of wind there will be 1 foot of waves. As the wind increases and blows for longer, the seas will continue to grow a little . For instance the wind just starts to pick up this applies directly. But when it continues to build and is sustained for a long period of time the seas will be alittle larger.
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  • SaltygatorvetSaltygatorvet TallahasseePosts: 3,992 Captain
    There are plenty of good weather report available. But what you want is a good forecast. Nothing is dependable, sometimes you get lucky, but mostly you don't
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  • mburke001 aka TripleBmburke001 aka TripleB Posts: 1,399 Officer
    What I do, I look at the NOAA reports (waves, wind, weather reports) including the closest buoys
    Before going out I review everything with the CMap weather app for the waves, wind direction and weather. I also look at WeatherBug while we're in the channel. I just added Sirius weather to my electronics which gives updates I believe every 5 minutes. Basically watch the sky and do your homework before going out.
  • lakemanlakeman Posts: 753 Officer
    I agree with NO, it can change by the minute. IMHO, a great method on or off the water, stick finger in mouth until wet, remove and hold your hand up above your head if it gets cold or cooler, it will be a windy day for the next 5 minutes, more or less.
  • Bud in FlaBud in Fla Posts: 78 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the input, guys! It reinforced what I was suspecting - no such info available.
    The 5 knot per foot looks like useful info, too!
    Thanks at all!
  • ckfrankckfrank Posts: 62 Greenhorn and do a reasonably good job on wind. Not perfect, but most of the time, pretty good.
  • tankardtankard Posts: 7,031 Admiral
    Drive to the ramp. Look.
  • GatoRellaGatoRella Posts: 521 Officer
    The best resource I have found as far as accuracy is Intellicast.
  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 664 Officer
    Ha! Weather forecasting is one of those professions that no matter what you forecast you are usually wrong at least to some degree. It's like politicians you don't have to be right to keep your job.:cookoo
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