Good afternoon:

My name is Captain Greg Mercurio owner of the fishing vessel YANKEE CAPTS, which operates year around out of Key West Florida. Since the fishing operation has grown much busier over the past seasons, I am now looking for a qualified Captain/Deckhand for the upcoming 2017/18 season.

Here at the YANKEE CAPTS, we are an extremely busy offshore fishing operation which on average is off the dock 20 days a month, weather permitting. We only offer overnight trips which depending on the type of trip, range between 2-4 days. With 40 years of offshore multi-day fishing trips, we are noted for offering the highest quality of party boat fishing, and it is no way similar to what others consider Florida "tourist fishing."

Over the decades since I have been running the operation, our records show that we have a 85% return rate for my anglers. We are well noted among anglers from as far north as Maine to here in Florida in offering hardcore and round the clock top water, specialty bottom fishing and deep drop trips that produce fish. Pictures, fishing reports and stories on YANKE CAPTS fishing can be found easily by typing this into Google, and various fishing websites will show you not only how many fish we have caught over the years, but as important, customer satisfaction due to the way we run our fishing trips.

Here is what we are looking for at the YANKEE CAPTS, and it is simple as being a person willing to work on multi-day trips while maintaining good personal people skills. I like to point out that my crew will average $300 per day between tips and pay, which is at the top end of what you will find for east coast, multi-day party boat fishing.

Again I like to emphasize that this is the average pay per day between tips and pay and our customers appreciate the hard work on deck that our crew consistently performs each and every trip.

I am now looking for a 2nd Captain/Deckhand who has the following qualifications:

- USCG 100 Ton Masters MMD document. If you don't have this license please don't apply.
- FCC Marine Operator Permit.
- Maintain being drug and alcohol free, and pass USCG drug screening at all times.
- The right people skills and attitude in always being able to learn.

In the fishing industry, this is truly a perfect job for a single male or female who is looking to gain the utmost professional experience on the longest running - overnight for-hire party boat along the east coast of the United States. These are full time year round jobs.

There is also another incredible side benefit I will mention which is in living and working in beautiful Key West Florida which offers as much a "quality of life" living style in one of the most scenic areas of this country.

I am sure there are qualified applicants out there who will have other questions, so don't be afraid to give me a shout. Please, check us out on our website, which should give you a better idea on the YANKEE CAPTS fishing operation.

I will respond to any questions as soon as possible, but since we run full time multi-day fishing trips, sometimes it might take a day or two to get back to anyone as I am still fishing 4 days a week at this time of the season.

Thanks for your time,

Greg Mercurio
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