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Juvenile Tarpon

Is there anywhere in the West Central area where small tarpon can be caught from shore or kayak. Or anywhere on the gulf coast of Florida for that matter. I know they're quite common on the east coast of Florida.
It's the one fish I haven't caught yet but would love to. I'm talking fish in the 5-15lb. range.


  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 17,004 AG
    Yes. Most of the rivers/creeks that drain into the bays and gulf hold them at least some time of the year from Tampa to the Keys. So do many seemingly landlocked lakes that drain into estuaries. Just about all these locations (except perhaps in the heart of the everglades) are accessible by kayak and a few from shore. Keep your eyes peeled for rollers -- a keen eye will often tell you if they're there. Find them first, then getting them to eat will likely be a bit of a challenge. I'd try small, slow moving baits or flies fished in times of sunrise/sunset or, even better, moonrise/moonset after dark -- the little guys can be tricky. Good luck...>Mike
  • New2FlNew2Fl Posts: 76 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the advice. I can honestly say I've never seen one caught but what your saying makes sense. A few times I've hooked oversized ladyfish and for a second thought I might have my baby tarpon but no such luck. I'll keep trying.
  • noelg11892noelg11892 Posts: 265 Deckhand
    So tampa bay im not sure where to get them, as tarponator said i hear creek mouths and rivers are good spots but iv never tried it. The one spot thats quite a bit south you would almost be guaranteed one is ding darling in sanibel island right outside your car. These can be from too small to eat anything other than miniscule flies to 6 foot long beheamoths in a 4 foot wide canal.
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