Heck of a weekend

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Started Friday trying to get the gator tags filled. No luck
Saturday morning we had good low wind and were in the right spot to just get it done.
7'10 and 8'3 in less than an hour.

This morning with plans to fire up the smoker at 5AM, I was informed that my youngest was past due on deer hunting.
We headed to the stand at 6:45 and young Cody got his first buck at about 7:30.
Left it all to him and he really made me proud handling the crossbow and being patient to let this guy go behind a tree to get himself set. I thought he miss fired but after the shot the deer walked under the stand and was really pumping it out.
We waited about 30 minutes and thought he went down within 20 yrds.
No such luck. I LOVE bow hunting!!!
Blood trailed for 200 yards to where it jumped a fence, backed out and called the neighbor (who I have never met) and FWC just to cover our butts. Never heard from anyone, so after 2 hours I went in.
Trailed a stand up blood line for more than 600 yards.
Put him back over fence line and spent the next 1 1/2 hour dragging him through the swamp.
One happy kid here tonight. AND one tired dad that still has to smoke a butt and some ribs before bed.
"I hate graveyards and old pawn shops
For they always bring me tears
I can't forgive the way they rob me
Of my childhood souvenirs"... John Prine


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