Spoil banks 10-13

Headed out to Crystal River for the first time on Friday the thirteenth. Meant to go to the Fort Island park but missed the turn in the dark I guess and ended up at the ramp at the end. I was thinking it seemed a little smaller than when I was looking at it on google earth. Thankfully I have a fishfinder with GPS. But overall I thought it was a pretty nice ramp and it was good to see FWC cruising through the parking lot. After launching the boat we headed between two islands nice and slow with the jack plate up as I had never run in Crystal River and especially starting outside of the channel. Once in the channel we had to run back towards the ramp we were supposed to put in at to get bait at Twin Rivers. Picked up some shrimp and headed out the channel towards the spoil banks. Ride out was a little rough as the wind forecast was completely off and managed to kick up some decent waves. Once we made it there we dropped in the trolling motor and worked our way up the South side of the banks. We hooked and lost a good size flounder then managed to boat one right around 20 inches. The first flounder was even bigger by a couple inches. Managed to pick up one 16in trout and a bunch of junk fish from ladyfish to remora. After an hour or two we moved to the North side and had better luck. Picked up another two trout with one over 20 inches and two reds at 18 and 22 inches. Also forgot we picked up a little 12 inch snook on the North side. All fish were either caught on shrimp or gulp on jig heads. Headed back to the ramp at 1300 after trying some inshore spots with no luck. Really liked the area and am looking forward to getting back out sometime next week. Didn't get any pictures of the fish until after we cooked them.


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