"Nearshore-Cobia and Mackerel" Homosassa 10/12/2017

We finally got to go fishing today!! With storms, vacation, and 10 days of bowhunting, there just has been no fishing. Wanted to hit the water Wed., but something came up and Thursday ended up being our day. Not the best, had a Northeast wind all day, making it a little rough. Headed out to a rock pile in 17ft, and there's crab traps all over. Do the best anchoring I can, but still have a trap on each side of boat. Start a chum slick, and the bait responds. Excellent amounts of bait. Almost to much. We sit for awhile, with only one small shark. Nice not to have to play with those things. Finally Gail gets a hit and cobia on! There are two of them and I pitch my cobia jig and I am on. Gail goes on to land hers. Loose mine to a mackerel. Mack try's to take the jig out of the cobias mouth and cuts the line. Loose cobia and my favorite jig! Gail's fish is short, so tag it and send it back.

Things slow down again, but there are Macks everywhere, so Gail wants to play with them, so I rig a rod up with some wire and turn her loose. She boats five, which is a perfect amount for some smoked fish dip. I have to pry the rod out of her hands, she having major fun.
Table shot of her Macks.

Five fish have a lot of meat. I might have enough left over for some cerviche.

Back to the cobia fishing. After getting her to quit, I float a pinfish back and get a major hit. Jumbo cobia on! He runs out back, and I am hoping he stays there, but no. He starts circling the boat. Guess what's back behind the bow. Two crab traps. He clears first one, clears anchor rope, and heads right into the next trap. Breaks off. It's that time of year, trap city!
Well we decide to pull anchor, but I notice that the weeds, which were bad are now breaking up. It's tide changing and it's making it where you can pull some lures. Tell Gail that we will give it 30 or forty minutes just to see what's happening on these shallow grouper grounds. One lizard, and one massive grouper strike. He makes it back to the bottom. So, trolling is not far off. Weeds are still around, but I have a feeling that they will be letting up some. At least I hope.
Great to be back on the water. Conditions are looking up. Bait everywhere. Cobia are out there. Find you a rock pile and hang out.


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