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LED Spot Lights/ Bars on Boats

probate-rprobate-r Posts: 418 Deckhand
We run our boat offshore quite a bit at night, whether its running between islands in the Bahamas or running back and forth to the swordfish grounds off south Florida. In either event, we use a combination of our eyes and the radar to keep an ye out on where we are running so that we don't hit anything. However, I have been seeing more and more of these curved LED light Bars on the top of boats and began thinking about them as a tool ... head lights for the boat so to speak, to use offshore as a way to prevent hitting floating objects or unlit Bahamian skiffs (had a close call that did not show up on the radar and scared me a year ago). Yes it would be a **** move to use them in the inter coastal or inlet and blind everyone coming at you, but my question for the law is whether there is any law prohibiting their use while underway? I know many people will say light bars are only for googans and newbies, and I'm not looking for opinions on whether we SHOULD use them... just the law guys. Thanks for any input!

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  • Captain JimCaptain Jim Posts: 101 Deckhand
    From international Rules of the Road:


    "The rules concerning lights shall be complied with from sunset to sunrise, and during such times no other lights shall be exhibited,except such lights specified in these Rules or do not impair their visbility or distinctive character, or interfere with the keeping of a proper lookout."

    Using such lights would indeed interfere with the nav lights on your vesssel in such a way where another vessel could not determine the type of your vessel or the general course you are on.
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