CK-10/6 2nd Snook: Post Worthy

A couple weeks ago I posted my first CK Snook. I thought it would be a long while before finding another. My wife got off of work Friday for Homecoming and she wanted to go fish and maybe get one of those Snook. Told her that was wishful thinking but possible. We pulled up to first spot and it was not happening. Right when I'm about to tell her to reel it up let's move her reel starts screaming. It would make a long run and then just stop then another long run and stop. We both thought she had a large stingray. Then it made a long run and didn't stop. My wife says I'm about out of line so I jump up on the front deck and cranked the drag down on her reel to at least save the line. Thinking it would break at the leader and it was only a stingray. It was just enough to turn the fish and start reeling it back to the boat. It gets about 10 feet from us and surfaces for the first time. Holy cow it's a Snook and a big one. Got it netted, measured, a few pics and back in the water. My wife's first Snook ever and it was a 35" slobberknocker. I told her jokingly that we might as well head home because we're not doing better than that. We hit a few more bars and caught a 24", 25" and 26" redfish. I went home only catching 1 red and she went home with bragging rights. At least till next trip.


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