Anyone know how wet Guana WMA is?

I've got the first archery hunt there this weekend. I scouted before the storm. Anyone have an idea how wet it maybe out there? The storm hit Jacksonville pretty good, I am sure it filled the rivers and marshes.


  • JaxQuackJaxQuack Posts: 76 Greenhorn
    Its not too bad. Should be fine.
  • relicshunterrelicshunter Posts: 513 Officer
    Thanks, I am heading over Friday and I have muzzle loader there. Beautiful place. Might bring the rods to.
  • elpollolocoelpolloloco Posts: 162 Deckhand
    Tried to go out the other week to scout and the trails were closed. It has since opened but the areas that are normally we are probably drenched and the areas that are normally dry are probably wet. I am dreading the skeeters which are normally terrible out there .
  • BustinEmBustinEm Posts: 245 Officer
    Scouted some over the weekend. Wet yes, skeeters you bet and a good bit of downed trees.
  • cactus_jimcactus_jim Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Guana is wet. Been scouting there for months hoping to draw a tag in reissues as I live close by. No dice.

    Good luck to those hunting. I have seen a LOT out there in the past few months. Should be a great hunt.
  • Stevo1111Stevo1111 Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    You'll need 4wd and some ground clearance for a few of the spots that are normally dry.

    Jim, PM me. I pulled ML and GG Guana. Solo so far for these.
  • relicshunterrelicshunter Posts: 513 Officer
    we I gave it a good try. Strangly the bugs were mild. The road hunters were not. In recent years I have hunted closer to drive roads then I used to, and I am getting old. Anyway found a nice squeeze point. Listening to all the trucks go up and down the road. A group of does come in and they are in too much thick stuff. Then I hear another truck and they stop I hear them talking and then the sound of a crossbow. They had a view of the does from the road. They run back to me but too hyped up to get a shot. Then the guys from the truck wondering around looking for they doe they missed. It was a good spot just a bad setup. A few deer and pigs came out.
  • osprey11osprey11 Posts: 867 Officer
    I was there too. Amount of traffic was stupid. Could hear trucks and people talking every 20-30 mins. And driving the roads during last hour of day light. But on the plus side saw some does and the bugs were non existent!

    Hobbit free zone!!

  • relicshunterrelicshunter Posts: 513 Officer
    The bugs were weird, I scouted by boat about two months before and the mosquitoes made it a short trip. Then to see hardly any last weekend. The traffic is something I've seen more and more of. Sign of the times hunters don't sit very long and road hunting has gotten more common. Even going deep, I've had people walk down the game trail yapping on the cell phone right when the animals are moving.
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