fall bite questions

We are thinking about heading down for a weekend or two this month. Just curious how is the fishing usually when it starts to cool down. Looking to stay within 10-12 miles from shore. I would like to know do the grouper tend to come in shallower as it starts to cool off? What other species should we consider to target? Thanks and good luck on the water!


  • crcattypccrcattypc Posts: 632 Officer
    October is usually the best weather month of the year! Except this week where it is blowing 25. Less pressure so maybe some more chances at grouper. Flounder should start heading off after the 1st cold front dips the water temp
  • FlickerjimFlickerjim Posts: 475 Officer
    Really looking forward to those doormats on the near shore wrecks!! It'll be my first season with them. Yeah this week has been horrible. Looks like I'll just work through it. :banana
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