Asking for beach fishing report

Anybody have a beach fishing report?? Looking to do an afternoon fishing excursion with my girl. Will be in the Jupiter area. Any bait, best area, etc.



  • Toothy ThangToothy Thang Posts: 1,414 Officer
    just got back from the dog beach and saw nobody fishing and the pier was thin.. crap it was hot and getting full of people, if it was me,.. I would hit one of the WMA's this evening for catch and eat bream.. and find a shady spot
  • BigCountryBigCountry Posts: 93 Deckhand
    and dont forget the bug spray!!!
  • NickhoogNickhoog Posts: 779 Officer
    I'll add my own report...

    No fish, no bait, tide was very low, butt plenty of algea...

    Had a nice swim!!
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