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  • snooknreds2snooknreds2 Posts: 514 Officer
    Open spot for monday the 20th out of boca or boynton inlet. Probably boynton since the phins have been north still.

    Looking to troll some baits, or fly a kite if we can find the bait.

    I fish a 23 robalo.

    Remel1993 might be a good condidate if you are interested?
    A lazy fisherman is a boater!!
  • remel1993remel1993 Posts: 536 Officer
    I have never fished with a kite or trolled a bait. I go offshore every once in a while on the sea legs charter boat and anchor fish or with my dads buddy on his smaller center console.
    So Im not very experienced with the kind of fishing your doing. I dont want hinder your fishing style.
    I'd love to give it a shot if the spot will be open :fishing
    If I dont answer my phone call, either Im fishing or riding my motorcycle. -Salty Bike Life
  • snooknreds2snooknreds2 Posts: 514 Officer
    Rem, I got your om and replied to it :)
    A lazy fisherman is a boater!!
  • rustyatorustyato Posts: 171 Officer
    Have a spot open for a trip to the West End 6/12-6/17. We will be fishing for everything the West End has to offer.....Tuna, Dolphin then deep dropping for Queenies, other deep tasty critters and trips up to memory rock for yellowtails, groupers and what not.

    $850.00 will cover everything for the trip...

    Will be leaving from Pompano Beach early the morning of 6/12...

    PM me if interested and be able to meet up before the trip.......
    "Everyone should believe in something; I believe I'll go fishing."
  • RondoRondo Posts: 764 Officer
    Going tomorrow 6/5 out of Jupiter bottom fishing, will look for live bait then either drift or anchor. Could use another angler who is self sufficient, got all the gear. PM me tonight if your interested.
  • FISHHUNTRFISHHUNTR Posts: 1,286 Officer
    If I could get outta work I'd def try to go :cry
    "FISHUNTR"- 2012 20' Pathfinder, Yamaha F150, HDS gen 3 9T
  • carlitoswaycarlitosway Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Responsible and available mate/fisherman in the tri-county area. Carlito 7545815454.
  • 123123 Posts: 63 Greenhorn
    If anyone is going fishing out of the jupiter area and needs a hand or just doesnt want to go out solo I'd love to help you with whatever you need. Fishing by yourself can be fun but when you hook that massive sailfish you're going to need someone to chase it down while you :fishing
  • bzalmanobzalmano Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    I have a Hewes 16 Bonefisher. I live in Boca but tend to fish North - Jupiter, Stuart or 10000 Islands. I would like to fish more local to Boca if anybody knows the area and places we could fish off a 16 foot flats boat let me know. Available after work or weekends.

    I would also like to do some offshore fishing so if anybody wants to trade trips: Shallow water trip on my boat, Offshore on something bigger than a 16 foot flats boat :wink.
  • SeaponySeapony Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Hello! How did the trip go?
  • VeroBeachVeroBeach Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Looking for an open spot to go offshore! Dont have a ton of offshore exp, but im fairly self sufficient and not a complete moron so i pick up on things very fast. I Live in Vero Beach and will drive up to an hour North or South. Thanks.
  • rwfishrwfish Posts: 240 Officer
    I am looking to go offshore on a weekend, Had my own boat for many years so I understand the cost and labor involved and dont mind doing my share. Im in Delray and am usually only available on the weekends. I know how to rig most bait and have experience in most fishing techniques of this area. I also have a 10 year old girl who would like to go out if anyone wants to do a kids trip sometime. Thanks for the thread!
  • russianbearrussianbear Palm Beach GardensPosts: 22 Deckhand
    I need a fishing buddy for WEEKDAYS ONLY. I have 23' Mako. Go out of Palm Beach or Jupiter inlets, sometimes in a colder months I go out of Sandsprit Park heading to Peck lake.
  • MakoLogicMakoLogic Posts: 628 Officer
    Hey all....hoping someone could use crew this weekend out of Jupiter or near here. Open sat or sun, would love to get offshore. Just moved here from Texas, pretty much self sufficient as far as gear goes, and know my way around the boat. More than happy to pay my split of gas, bait, ice etc. I have a 23 hydrasport I plan to run out of Jupiter as much as I can, but she's in the shop so I'm boat less at the moment. Plus would be cool to meet some other folks around here. Would be happy to return the favor and drive for you once my boat is back in action. Thanks in advance!
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  • VeroBeachVeroBeach Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Still looking for a spot to go out, can split fair share of costs! TxToFl ill split some costs with ya when you go out if i can tag along when you get your boat back. Anyways lemme know guys!
  • jupiterjupiter Posts: 82 Deckhand
    My wife and I are headed out on our 27' Polar to do some bottom fishing this Thursday August 29, we plan to board our boat at 6:45am near peanut island and clear the lake worth inlet after catching live bait.

    We're 28 years old looking to meet other avid anglers our age that can fish weekdays, so I'm open to seeing if anyone around our age wants to join. Must bring your own gear and $90 for gas to help cover the whole day of offshore fishing.
  • VeroBeachVeroBeach Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Damnit, wish i would have seen this that post in time. Well maybe next time.
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 891 Officer
    We now have a small group of North Palm Beach anglers who would like to meet up once a month to exchange fishing info and schedule trips. If you would like to expand your fishing "network" of friends, please let me know or reply here. This is a good opportunity to meet people who you have pm'd or replied to on a thread. I think that it is more prudent to meet someone in person prior to scheduling a fishing trip.
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
  • angryanglerangryangler Posts: 328 Officer
    Anybody who's interested in vertical jigging, hit me up. I've been doing it extensively for two years and could advise anyone interested in getting into it.
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 891 Officer
    We have confirmed a "meeting" for everyone at Duffy's this Wednesday night 6pm - 8pm. Duffy's is located at 11588 U.S. Hwy One in North Palm Beach. It is near Publix just north of P.G.A. Blvd. on the east side of U.S. Hwy. One. Fernando, the night manager, has an area for us on the floor. Just ask one of the young ladies at the front for me and she'll escort you to our area. Everyone is invited to bring friends. The first two pitchers of beer are on me.
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
  • weetzaweetza Posts: 156 Officer
    Live in Pompano have 17 action craft. Mainly inshore but go offshore when I can. Would love to have 1 or 2 more. I fly fish, troll, live bait everything. Lease PM me. I go at least twice a week.
  • Tail Cha$erTail Cha$er Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some more experienced guys to Take fishing with me.

    I'm usually running a Luhrs.

    I've been doing some bottom fishing, trolling, and snook fishing, but haven't been producing a ton of results.

    I have most of the gear that I need, just not the knowledge of the the area.

    I go all days and times including weekdays and weeknights.

    If you're interested in going out PM me.

  • Tail Cha$erTail Cha$er Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    I'm looking for anyone interested in going offshore tomorrow. Trolling or bottom fishing is fine with me.
    We'll be on a 32 Proline Express unless we get enough people to come then I'll take the 41 Luhrs.

    Call me if you're interested.
    My number is 561-865-6334.


  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 891 Officer
    Hey David, if I wasn't scheduled for a Bahamas trip I would take you up on your offer. Good luck!
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 891 Officer
    We have scheduled another "non-meeting" next Tuesday Nov 12 at The Square Grouper, in Jupiter, 6:30 - 8:30. This will be a great opportunity to meet other forum members and schedule a fishing trip. If anyone needs intel on wahoo fishing out of Settlement Point in the Bahamas, please let me know. I will bring a few lures and hopefully be of some help to you.
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
  • stoxbondsstoxbonds Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    40 yr old male looking to fish!

    I will be in the Boca/Delray area from 12/19 until Jan 3, and although I have plenty of obligations business and personal, I am a fishing addict and would love to join someone who has a boat and local knowledge. I am an experienced angler, but no so much with the fishing in the south florida area other than party boat wreck fishing which i enjoy. I have a 23 Regulator and fish NJ waters inshore from April thru December. I am willing to learn fast and chip in with whatever- fuel, bait, cleaning, etc.
    Wreck fishing, live bait fishing, trolling, whatever!!!

    I am also more than willing to return the favor for anyone looking to experience our great fishery up north next season.


  • Roc N RolRoc N Rol Posts: 1,352 Officer
    I need a crew for tomorrow, Fishing out of PB, but can fish out of Boynton or Jupiter. Open to any type fishing, 22' Mako CC, 150hp
    Call Don 609 418 0100

    PS, short notice, I am up for a trip this afternoon also, I may go solo. Got the bug to get out
  • Tori'S ToyTori'S Toy Posts: 282 Deckhand
    Hi guys.. bro is out of town this weekend. Looking for a crew person. Troll, livebait.. whatever. We have the necessary equipment to do most anything. Either Sat or Sun. PM if interested.thx
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