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  • fishnitrofishnitro Posts: 88 Greenhorn
    I just recently moved to West Palm Beach and would love to get out on the water. I am 26 years old and a Marine Technician. I am looking for an avid angler that is willing to take me out fishing. I have no problem helping with expences, cleaning and possibly trade for service. I work Mon-Fri 8:00-4:30, so the only free time I have is on the weekends. Fishing is what I love and have been doing for a long time so you don't have to worry about me holding you back.

    Thanks for your time and consideration,
    I have a boat.
    I also fish tournaments.
    I live in port st Lucie.
    I work in West Palm.
    I have 17 ft flats.. I love in shore.
    All artificial.
    But fish sometime.
    [email protected]
  • Navid KNavid K Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    What’s happening southeast forum members. I just recent moved to north west palm beach from Sarasota. Had a boat in Sarasota which I had to get rid of before moving. Fished quite a bit on this coast the past couple of years and a ton back in Sarasota. Mostly offshore.  I have a ton a gear including three 50w, four 5000-8000 penn slammers, kites, DownRigger, and all the lures anyone can ask for. Eventually will be in the market for a new boat but that is a year or so off. If anyone is in need of a fishing aid/expense splitter/boat cleaner for offshore trips send me a message I’d love to join. I primarily work weekdays and usually have the weekends off.  

  • davidt5006davidt5006 Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    I moved down to Gardens in 2016.  Grew up fishing in North Florida in Big Bend and St Augustine.  Sold my boat when I moved.  Jonesing to get out on water on a consistent basis.  561-320-2061.  Now living in North Palm.
  • lorellanalorellana Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    I Don't mind sharing expenses, always down to fish, for any species any place. Willing to be that mate that helps with everything so you can focus on being the captain(haha) Feel free to text or call - 786 203 7299
  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Lighthouse PointPosts: 515 Officer
    edited November 2019 #306
    Looking for a congenial fishing buddy  for am or pm trips out of Hillsboro inlet WEEKDAYS!  

    -Shares in expenses - $25

    -Equipment not needed but bring a couple of your favorites

    -You can chop chum and clean boat after

    -Trolling, drifting, reef, and kite fishing depending on conditions

    -No cursing or using Jesus name in a derogatory way or you walk back to the boat ramp!

     Message me your contact info and let's make it happen!

    Nb. If you need to know the make and length of my boat, and how many motors,..I won't waste my time responding!

    'The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.' ~ George Orwell

  • GeneakersGeneakers West Palm BeachPosts: 55 Deckhand

    Looking for some fishing partners.  I fish weekdays and weekends.  I have ample equipment minus electric reels, but y'all are welcome to bring gear.  Would like to have partners that can go on short notice as well, as my work allows for me to be able to work a little extra one day, to free up the next day for fishing if we see that wave conditions may lay down, or a hot bite is on.  I fish out of Ft. Pierce, PSL, Boynton, and Hillsboro mainly, but Boynton is closest - also hit the keys on occasion. 

    I like to fish for sails, mahi, wahoo, kings, tuna, grouper, snapper, table fare, and occasionally shark.  Troll, high-speed troll, drift, reef, kite - all good to me.  Snook, Reds, Sheepshead, Drum are fun as well.

    Tournaments are possible if we have a good group.

    Bahamas / Keys / Tortugas are possibilities as well

    Looking for mature guys and gals (even couples).. that doesn't mean your over 50 years of age, it means don't act like an idiot; be respectful of people and their equipment.  I don't do drama & don't want drama around me, my wife (some days she goes with, some days not) or others we may be fishing with.

    Drunks, drugs, drama, & attitudes are not welcome.   

    Looking for folks who understand there are expenses in fuel, bait, boat, and maintenance, and who want to chip in with fuel, bait, boat wash, etc. in exchange for an enjoyable day(s) of fishing -  not people looking for a free fishing trip.

    Would be nice to find others whom are familiar with the local fishery, as I am willing to share my knowledge of spots I fish and would hope they are as well.  I want  fishing "Partners" who also understand how to drive, navigate, set spreads, find fish, etc.. I don't want to just be the captain while everyone else is fishing.

    If you get motion sickness, please say something b4 we go 25 miles out and it gets a little bumpy.

    Would be awesome to link up with others that have boats where we can fish my boat in open water, and their boats inshore.

    About me - Originally from TX, 50yrs young, laid back, happily married, good health, I don't drink, don't smoke (I don't mind if you do if you are respectful), a conservative (I don't mind if you are a liberal as long as you don't vote- I am joking of course), work hard / play hard, and enjoy life.  I don't tolerate drugs, attitudes, or drunks.  And I definitely don't put up with the "entitlement" attitude..

    Please let me know if anyone is interested.

    Thanks.... Gene

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