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Fishing / scouting report Chokoloskee, 29 Sept 2017

Finally made it down to Chokoloskee, nearly two weeks after hurricane Irma for a bit of solo scouting. Folks in that area finally have electricity and are in full re-build and restore mode everywhere I looked - more about that later...

I was a bit apprehensive making the long run from my house (nearly 100 miles, one way) but was pleasantly surprised... the roadways were perfectly clear - and hardly a road sign anywhere was missing... My usual route is west on I-75, then south on State Road 29. On the road at 5Am, I was there before sunup without the slightest problem - and I can't say I saw any visual evidence of storm damage - until I came into Everglades City where every structure had a big pile of storm debris - the ground floor contents of every structure - just trashed. Most of the street signs were still standing, though, a sure indicator that they didn't get the full force of the storm (the flooding was bad enough...).

Launched out of Outdoor Resorts (the first ramp as you come to Chokoloskee) just before dawn. I was the second guy leaving that morning and moved carefully out towards Rabbit Key Pass expecting lots of debris - but saw very little... In fact, although the water was very high (like a big spring tide) I didn't see much in the way of storm damage once I headed towards the outside. Making my way through the pass I noted the water was relatively clean (not what I was expecting) and the only signs of storm damage were the occasional new snag and lots of trees with hardly a leaf on them. I'm guessing the full wind force of the storm wasn't felt in the area of Chokoloskee - they got the storm surge though and were badly flooded...

Running to the south I did a bit of prospecting without a bite (my usual routine was to toss a topwater at a spot - then follow it up with another rod working a leadhead with Gulp tail into the same area..). I didn't spend much time anywhere just looking around and moving south... The third or fourth spot was the trick - my first cast with a plug got attacked and a few minutes later this was the result - a 27" snook that was carefully released after a photo.


When doing a bit of scouting I'm fond of an old fashioned one handed plug rod.. it's quick handling and super accuracy allow me to toss it a good distance and within a foot of any target (most days...). When I'm guiding it generally stays home unless my anglers are bass anglers....

After a few more casts with the topwater I switched to the jig and it was game on... Every cast was a fish, mostly redfish in the same spot the snook came from. My first was about 20" and it got invited aboard for dinner - all the rest of them were that size or a bit bigger. Here's a pic of the biggest, around 25-26"...


A 1/4 oz leadhead with that Gulp tail was all it took, moved slowly across the current bumping bottom. After a half dozen reds at the same (all but one released) I added a small black drum - then a nice slot sized speckled trout (a backcountry slam - before 10Am). I finally left them still biting on an outgoing tide and kept moving south looking for a few tarpon. When I finally found tarpon - they were in good numbers and ranged from about 20lbs up to 60-70lbs - and that was at the only spot I looked at... In short the fishing yesterday morning was just outstanding... It was almost four hours after dawn when I located the tarpon (not the best time for getting a bite...) but I was very pleased to see the numbers of fish present in about four to six feet of water (perfect for a fly angler or someone wanting to toss lures at them).

I called it a day and made the short run back to the ramp after recording only 31 miles on my trip log... At the ramp there were eight trailers parked so I wasn't the only one doing a bit of scouting... All in all I was very pleased with what I found that morning - now for some info on the recovery...

We've lost Glades Haven... A guy I spoke to there said he didn't think we'd see it back up and running any time soon (he thought a year or two...). Here are some pics of what used to be a favorite spot... pretty sad

front view - the debris pile isn't very high - but no one's working on the place at all... you can see my old Maverick parked in front of the store.

Rear view

the shrimp shack is just gone....

the boat ramp - many a day I've launched from it - sad to think it might be a long time, if ever, for it to be back up and running...

I stopped at the Island Cafe where a full crew was hard at work - they say they're shooting for re-opening next week... The Everglades Motel next door was also in full restoration mode (with the contents of every room stacked up by the roadside for pick-up. I didn't bother to ask them when they'd be up again... The Circle K store (first gas pumps as you enter Everglades City) is still shuttered up with no sign of any work going on. The Marathon station at the intersection of S.R. 29 and US 41 (the Tamiami Trail) is up and running... At this point the only hotel or motel up and running that I know of is Port of the Islands (and their restaurant is open as well), about eight miles west of the Marathon gas station, but all of that will change as folks get back on their feet. From what I've been told, hardly anyone had insurance in EC or Choko - so they're pretty much doing everything possible to get the area back up and bringing anglers and other visitors back to the area... Everyone that loves that area should make a point of spending a buck or two there since that's their only source of income...

I'm guessing that this will be a banner year for the fishing (hurricanes often greatly improve the fishing when you're finally able to get back on the water...).

Be a hero - take a kid fishing...
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  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,238 Officer
    Thanks for the report Bob.
    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain
  • nobleonenobleone Posts: 94 Deckhand
    Those are some pretty fish, Bob. Can't say much for the scenery though :-(

    "If it's not one thing, it's an alternator"

  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,373 Captain
    I've launched off and on for more than 30
    years out of Glades Haven... I'm sorry to see them in such shape.
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    Bob LeMay
    (954) 435-5666
  • KrackermanKrackerman Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    How did the motel at outdoor resorts look ? We have a trip planned in mid October. thx
  • MercuryproteamMercuryproteam Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Did you make it past New Turkey Key? We have our annual camping trip in january and just wondering if the island is still there. Thanks
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,373 Captain
    All of the islands I checked (from Rabbit Key Pass down to Pavillion) were in fine shape - the only evidence of the hurricane was a lot of trees without leaves - and a few new snags here and there... A word of caution about snags, the morning I did my scouting it was a super high tide and on a quarter moon - so it never dropped much. I'm sure on a standard low you'll have lots more structures to avoid. Consider each trip hazardous until you learn what new surprises Irma left us.... After Wilma, 12 years ago now, a few guides over towards Flamingo tore up their motors along the coast between the Shark and Cape Sable (there were trees laying in three feet of water -at times almost 400 yards off the sand.... It was the ones you couldn't see that had teeth....

    One other thing I forgot to mention... the ramp at Outdoor Resorts no longer has a fish cutting table - it's just gone....
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    Bob LeMay
    (954) 435-5666
  • BobberBobber Posts: 943 Officer
    Thanks for the updates. Yesterday the annual Blessing of the Fleet was held at the dock of Rod & Gun, same as every year. Things will and are getting back to normal. And yes, every dollar we can spend over there will help them recover that much quicker.
  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 559 Officer

    When you launched at Outdoor Resorts, is this the route you ran? There is not a lot of room for error in that serpentine around the oyster bars and mangroves and I've been wondering if IRMA messed up my route?
  • shallow thinkershallow thinker Posts: 50 Greenhorn
    Yes, that is the way out You are right about that S turn. My first trip through it was a disaster. I never felt bottom but sucked up a massive amount of sand that ended my trip before it started. Being clever, I ran it on a negative low tide thinking I would see the trouble. Nope. I've since run it many times at more normal tide conditions with success.

    I read today that City Seafood is open. I may run over there Tuesday.

    Bob, Glades Haven was my go to launch site too. That guy at the Shrimp Shack recovered my lost $400 boat cushion and wouldn't take a tip when I returned 2 weeks later.
  • FS ShelbyFS Shelby Posts: 697 Admin
    Great report, thanks for sharing with the FS forum community!

    You will now be entered in our forum giveaway! The results of the drawing will be announced October 8th.

    Check out http://www.floridasportsman.com/2017/06/12/win-costa-rica-fishing-adventure/ for more details.
  • BobberBobber Posts: 943 Officer
    Local updates - Parkway in Choko is open. Ivey House has the main building open,rooms to let.
  • Flatwater witchFlatwater witch Posts: 606 Officer
    Bobber wrote: »
    Thanks for the updates. Yesterday the annual Blessing of the Fleet was held at the dock of Rod & Gun, same as every year. Things will and are getting back to normal. And yes, every dollar we can spend over there will help them recover that much quicker.

    Apparently the crab boats were unscathed and they are ready to go !!!!!.
    Renagade69 wrote: »
    Either you are mechanically inclined ore your not. The fact you had to ask told me that you can not do it. Its ok, not every one has this ability. Some people just have to pay.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,373 Captain
    I have a pic back from Wilma of the upper Turner - an aerial shot.... Looked like every shrimp boat in the 10K spidered up with about 100 yards between each hull to ride out that storm. I haven't seen anything similar but I'll bet that's where they were until Irma passed through.... the ones that survived that is.
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    Bob LeMay
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  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,193 Admiral
    I guess the turner lended to deeper water. Mangroves are pretty dang though!
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