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Sunday the 24th out of Calusa

Headed South into the 10K islands... First stop was Gullivans bay..Fished the outside flat and was rewarded with a nice redfish..Wife had a couple of hits on live shrimp but no hook ups.
When it got to low tide i made a move not too far away and Again rewarded with a nice snook on my fist cast. I set the power pole down and we set in that 1 spot for 2 hours of non stop action. I lost count of the numbers...It was literally cast after cast. I was fishing with a 2" mirrodine and my wife was fishing with live shrimp. The mirrodine out fished live bait 2-1.....September makes 1 year of fishing saltwater for us....And to mark the occasion, not only did we get some awesome action, i was rewarded with 2 snook over 30".....Unfortunately i didnt get to measure her or get picks....The back treble caught her gill plate so i really just wanted to get her back in the water as quickly as possible....She was definitely bigger then the 32" and she may have made the 40 mark but will never know.

Hopefully i will get out next weekend to try my luck again!! Tight lines!!f029f23d2557b0b8c83294e4cca0a1e4.jpg085bd4b6e3ed6bbfdba8a46170480cb7.jpge21e00784845a4f570444b9b9bd15e1f.jpg15c42372a35c3298f2ea69de81dd4cea.jpgd9b6148c869c299f1e3ce47a300d6f85.jpg0549dd6c6da4d8954621439add8d6edd.jpg
Jason :USA


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