Hows the bay looking now??

I was hoping that this would have been cleared up by now, anyone been out there lately.
Last time I went out of Black Point saw a sign that said water is Contaminated.
Any Updates??


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    I have no idea whether they've lifted the pollution warnings for Biscayne Bay or not - but I automatically assume a high bacteria count along any urban shoreline at least a week or two after a big storm (and (Irma was quite a bit bigger than a "big storm"..).

    Remember, every canal down in south Florida is only there to get storm run-off to the salt - by the quickest way possible... Every last chemical you put on your lawn, every bit of run-off from any street (or the vehicles on that street) go into our storm drains... Just to add the topper... Most of our sewage (the nasty stuff) is carried in pipes under the Bay out towards the ocean (and those pipes are old and leaky on a good day...

    Things are actually much better than they were when I first came to south Florida, fresh out of the service in the summer of 1971... Back then at low tide along the beaches of good old Miami Beach - if you looked closely you could see a yellow stain behind each hotel where raw sewage was allowed to be emptied (where people were swimming) from each building - true story...

    Like always - we don't have any problems -we didn't cause ourselves...
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