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Saturday Bayview Park

Needed to get out after 4 weeks of work, a funeral, Irma and my moms birthday.
Launched @ Bayview Park as it's 5 miles from the house vs. 28 to Caxambas Marina.
Water was 83 degrees and had very tannin stain.
Hit a rock wall (you know which one) with a magnum Pop-R.
2 jacks over 5 pounds quite quickly.
Rather than deal with 2 treble hooks, switched to a single hook white swim bait.
First snook went 26". Next 8 went 22 to 24.
Did get a few more 4-7 pound jacks on the swimbait.
The snook as well as the jacks were very dark due to the water color.
Managed 1 mackerel @ 24" (foul hooked) and a 12" blue runner.
The fishing was good as I needed to get out.
Fished from 7am till 10am.
Final tally:
10 snook, 22 to 26", white swimbait and 1 on a brown/white bucktail.
8 jack crevalle's, 2 on the topwater, the rest on the swimbait.
1 Mackerel and 1 blue runner on the swim bait.

Many boats but many were considerate and slowed through the pass.
Water was smoking out. Caught many fish with the big motor running in order to adjust the drift as needed.

All in all, a fun day on the water.
Hope to investigate Caxambas and the north 10K area next weekend.

I hope/pray all posters here made if through the storm with minimal if any damage.

Take care, be safe. Hope to see you on the water.
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


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