My two tarpon on fly.

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Two tarpon I have caught on fly during the summer. I have spent a lot of time targeting these fish and most of the times they show you who's in charge the one with the wall in the background was caught on an EP fly I **** up. The tarpon with the tree was caught on a white DT with a chartruese head. So far I am 3/13. I definitely think being able to use unweighted flies while flyfishing helps tremendously in the way tarpon can't shake it easier. Usually while spinfishing they toss the jigheads I use on my swimbaits with ease. I don't have many measurements but the tarpon with the wall was 21 inches. I'd be interested to hear what people's estimates on weight is. Both of these tarpon were in freshwater.


  • Dardude6Dardude6 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Well the attachments are all a mess. There is also a decent snook I caught on an EP a little bit ago.
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    Nice fish.
    Every tarpon is a good tarpon. They weigh ... "tarpon."
    I'd say those are about 5 pounds. Baby tarpon are slender.


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    Very nice, that Snook is a good one. Great job!!!

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    Very nice! Nothing like catching them on your creations.
    A local tarpon ( smaller ditch & backwater tarpon ) expert John Mallory said that when he switched to the Owner Mosquito hooks his catch ratio went way up. Not real strong hooks and you can't put a ton of pressure on them but the slender point does stick'm.
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    Thanks to everyone and thanks for the Mosquito hook advice. Often getting a bite is a struggle lol. I usually use 40lb leader and for some reason I do not get bit by tarpon while I use 25lb. I should stick with 25lb but those big snook will chew through it like cake! I spinfish a decent amount too but I find tarpon throw the weight of the lures I use too easily. I had a decent tarpon over 10lbs toss out my jighead on the third jump just recently. Hook placement seemed buttoned right in the top of the mouth but that's tarpon.
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    Yes that's just tarpon. Little things make a big difference with ****. I second the owner hooks for juvi ****. Good job and keep it up!!!!

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    Great report, thanks for sharing with the FS forum community!

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    Great pics!!
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    Dardude I rotated your last picture for you.
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    Capt. Jason Sullivan
  • Dardude6Dardude6 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Thanks everyone I appreciate it.
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    Way to be!!!

    Very nice!
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