Sunday Post IRMA - 65ft

Post IRma Report -
Wasn't sure what to expect but fishing was great.
Lots of bait and activity. For Clearwater guys the top of the Tripod is gone- Lower half only! beware if you throw net as top maybe on bottom. Saw a guy with hung net.

We found lots of bait just north of it - pins, scaled, threads, cigars.

No clean water on the way out but saw lots of birds and schools of Spanish macks on the way out.

Set up in 65 ft

Bite was steady - mixture of yellowtails, mangs, gags and hogs. Probably caught 20 yellowtail that were right around 10 in.(threw them back to grow up) My son manged to get his biggest hog - really nice fish.

Had 2 hits on free lines that easily dumped 300 yds in seconds - had a short piece of wire but broke off ..maybe shark.

Also netted about 30 Ballyhoo that showed up behind boat.

Mike Wilhite - Fisherman/President

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