Quick Report

Hit my spot on the SS at noon. Water was very stained as previous poster said. Temp was 85. Winds out of nw and w. Fished till 6:30pm as my sea legs gave out on me. Had a good day overall. Had the quantity, but couldn't get any quality. Caught 28 snook (largest 25"), 1 red of 19" and 1 small trout. Most were caught on the Rip Tide mullet, but I must have caught close to 10 on the ssj in bone. Did lose one snook on the ssj that was upper 20s. One spot was on fire and I stayed around there most of the afternoon. The farther away from the mouth was best.
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  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,077 Moderator
    Quick...I'll say. That could be the shortest BA report ever.
    The reports have been few and far between since the "I" word.
    Thanks for that, Dave, as always, good stuff.
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