CR slam 9/19

Today, xmuskyguide, AKA Ted, Took me out and put me on a slam. Launched about 7:15, calm as could be. Beautiful day out. Could not buy a cobia bite. But we did have something big lurking around the boat about 100 yrd out. Never really saw what they were just the end of the jumps. Me thinks tarpon, Ted thought big, big cobia. Either way they were not biting. Early on before the tide faded out I landed a nice lower slot trout. Figure'd there would be more, but, it must've been a tide thing. We could not even catch grunts for bait, except one. At the bottom of the a.m. tide I hooked into something nice, first impression was a big mack...but no an offshore snook, about 24". Some ladyfish came through busting on the bait, which was the 1st time I'd seen bait that thick this year.
We switched gears and went for the reds. By now tide was ripping in, and wind was picking up. Lots of small snappers, a couple small groupers, and just one rat red, but that would round off my 1st CR slam. I do appreciate the effort to finish it off that red, thanks Ted!
I suspect the reds pushed inshore with that big afternoon new moon tide.
All in all not a bad day for a slow bite.


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