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Boat detailing

I know this has been brought up before so forgive me as I'm not a pro with the search function and getting results for our specific region.

I have a 1997 23' century center console t-top and a single ox66.

Boat is in Boca Raton on the side of my house uncovered with palms nearby but no oaks. The boat has been well maintained during its life, used regularly, and was new to me in august 2016. I spent some days and a lot of sweat doing a compound and polish at this time last year and it was looking pretty dang good for an amateur. The boat doesn't look bad and is not chalky but could certainly use a refresh and I don't have the energy to do it myself. She's not an expensive boat so spending a fortune on a detail doesn't make a ton of sense but I definitely would like to see her shine and be protected from the sun.

Can you guys recommend someone in the area that can come to my house or I can trailer a reasonable distance to them. Is pricing generally by the foot and based on the current condition of the boat?


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