Roll call...hope everyone did ok...

I boarded up the house as best I could with the lumber I had and what I could scrounge up. We were planning on staying then those last couple of days it kept moving west. Wifey got nervous. We have oak trees all around our house. So we found an airbnb in Kissimmee that would let us bring the pets and we boogied Sunday morning.

Of course, storm followed us... Never lost power there though. I came back at 9:00 am on Monday. On the way back, the bridges were open so smooth sailing back into Pinellas county. House had no damage. Lots of branches and crap in the yard. No power of course but I have a generator and am powering the important things. You know, the refrigerator to keep the beer cold and the bait freezer so the few gallons of frozen white bait I have in there don't turn and smell like I am Jeffrey dahmer...

Had a window ac unit so got that going and overall, all is fine. Would like power and cable back but doing fine.

I ended up leaving the boat on the lift. I secured it as best I could but in the end, STUFF wasn't as important as LIFE so I took my changes. The fabric of the TTOP tore a little bit on the seem but everything else looked fine. No power so couldn't lower it and really check it out but it looked good.

So all in all, no worries. Getting the house back in order but everyone safe which is the main thing.

Hope everyone did ok.

Tigth lines next trip out...
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  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 2,981 Moderator
    Came through pretty much unscathed, never lost power even though we evacuated. Came back to find Oldsmar intact, the wind blew the bay dry as well as at Madeira Beach Marina. My boat is fine, in fact, every vessel at the marina came through no problem. Dodged a major bullet. Feel very blessed to cruise through this one, and, of course Reel Lucky.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 2,964 Captain
    :) We are indeed very blessed. This was a bad one!
  • haydenfox!#$haydenfox!#$ Posts: 2,364 Captain
    Present and everything is accounted for. Lots of tree work needs to be done but no major expenses, and more importantly no injuries, etc. I left my boat on the trailer in the drive way. Had a crab net in one of the rod holders and the head blew off. Hunting tarpon tomorrow. Counting blessings here!
  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 924 Officer
    up here in hernando county my house did just fine, kept power through storm but lost it post. back on last night!
    Had about 2 dozen large trees down in my drive (650 ft long). Cleared most but chainsaw broke on a live one coming tomorrow.
    Truck is stuck in mud as drive turned to 2 ft deep mud pit, as it did back in 2010 and 2012. Could not get boat out then and its here for a while now, too. AAA coming tomorrow. Just started up boat and it made it through just fine.

    lots of trees down up here, ground was already soaked and trees full of foliage so some real big ones came down.

    Hope no one here had any trees come through house or onto vehicles, boat, etc...

    Tampa Bay area was definitely spared the brunt of this storm. had it slipped up the coast as a cat 4, we'd be comparing horror stories.
    Poor Keys folk.
    Good thing nobody took me up on the offer to keep a boat here, cause it'd be here til we dry out some.
  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 510 Officer
    Had a couple of limbs fall off the mimosa, but nothing damaged. Finished cleaning up yesterday afternoon and the house/yard looks better than it did before the storm. Power was out for about 24 hours, but only lost the klondike bars in the fridge freezer. We got stupid lucky on this one.
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 2,981 Moderator
    We got stupid lucky on this one.
    No truer words, glad everything's OK, Will.
  • keenerbenkeenerben Posts: 74 Greenhorn
    Glad to hear you all are doing well. Thank god that thing got on land down south and weakened quickly. We were really close to serious destruction. Our damage was minor, lost a screen and had a few downed limbs. Boat is unscathed on the lift and everybody is safe. Still no power. Take care
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 1,966 Captain
    Just got this from my sister who lives in Estero:

    From Collier County Sherriff:
    "Just so everyone is aware they have to completely rebuild the electric in Naples. They are starting with emergency buildings, hospitals and fire stations. Then they are starting downtown and slowly moving inland. It could take 3 weeks without power in the estates. They have not refilled gas stations for the people who are even there trying to live off of generators, let alone cars attempting to return. All water is on a boil notice and will be for at least a week before they can test it. Much of Naples water systems were destroyed. Many septic tanks are flooding into street water that people are being exposed to. This 100% will cause disease outbreaks. Please consider these things before returning. Maybe the best way you can help is not be there so that those that are can have the supplies and resources they need. There is still tons of flooding and roads are not safe. If your job isn't open anyway, maybe it is better to stay where you are."

    That does NOT sound good. Sounds like Naples, and I assume Marco Island is going to need a lot of rebuild.
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  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 11,337 AG
    We're all good here in Carrollwood. Boarded the crap out of my place and had a house full -- some of which still don't have power -- but we're all OK. We only lost power for 8 seconds after a transformer in the neighborhood blew, but it came right back.
  • ericfericf Posts: 446 Deckhand
    Glad everyone doing OK. We evac'd from Riviera Bay to the Georgia mountains to give the girls a little vacation.

    Came back to everything totally fine, definitely a fortunate outcome compared to what was on the table ahead of the storm's arrival. If we ever get that storm surge, it won't be pretty.

    Tight Lines,
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  • harbisonharbison Posts: 2,964 Captain
    :wink I too live in Carrollwood. We too did just fine. No power loss, lots of scattered branches & one orange tree fell but avoided the house. We are very lucky. I have lived in Tampa my entire life. This was one of the worst I can remember.
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