Hurricane Irma Relief Work/aid

After Charlie in 04 a bunch of local west Coast fishing guides and others organized a relief run down to help out in Punta Gorda. Is anyone working on setting up something like that? If so please post on here as I'm over in Brandon but am willing to load up my truck or bring down saws to do what ever. I'm sure there are plenty of others that will do the same with trucks and bring down much needed supplies.



  • AZappiaAZappia Posts: 90 Deckhand
    I plan on being down there for vacation from Atlanta either next week or the following and would love to volunteer a day to help out.

    I can bring down my saw and gear to head down and help out.

    [email protected]
  • Corbin KCorbin K Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    I was part of that and would be happy to participate again but don't have the time to organize it.
  • restlessnativerestlessnative Posts: 2,025 Captain
    Do a search for Half Full Sportfishing and/or Hauling Grass Fishing Team on Instagram (I'm sure they are on Facebook too I just don't have an account there). They have already done one run to the keys and are about to do another.
  • Navy_FishingNavy_Fishing Posts: 813 Officer
    Some of us that are regulars out of O'Neill's have already made one run to Everglades City with food and water, but now we are going back with cleaning supplies. O'Neill's has agreed to be a drop off point for donations. We leave Frida morning at 4 am. We need as much peroxide, bleach, push brooms, long handled squeegees, and other cleaning supplies as we can get. They have tons of food and water thanks to generous donations from grocery corporations, but the ability to get their homes cleaned out and ready to move back into is stalled waiting on cleaning supplies. Here is a cut and paste of my FB post about this next trip : Ok, here we go, round 2 of the Hurricane Irma relief efforts. If we have enough donations I will be making a 2nd trip down to the areas impacted the greatest by Irma. My plan is to leave very early Friday morning. So what we need is a mass effort to get some donations of specific items that are needed but in short supply. Peroxide is #1. Followed by bleach, push brooms, flat square head shovels, elbow length rubber gloves, large black trash bags. While water and food are important, they are in good supply due to truckloads delivered by corporate donators. So let's focus on the items listed above. I will have drop off points set up by tonight after I get out of class today. For now, focus on getting the word out that we need peroxide and bleach. Share this with all your friends. Any questions, call me 727-647-8861. We have a contact that has a large supply of peroxide that you can purchase over the phone and they will hold it for me to pick-up prior to my leaving on Friday. American Chemical has cases (6 gallons a case) for $50 a case. This peroxide is 35% peroxide compared to the 3.5% that you get in the stores. This means it can be diluted down for use and turns a case of 6 gallons into much more. You can call Scott at 727-822-8181 and order over the phone and he will take care of it. So even my out of area friends can contribute to us helping out the folks down South. Scott also has other cleaning supplies we need, such as push brooms and large squeegees for cleaning out the muck inside homes. Please give Scott a call and contribute to this worthy cause. I want a full truck and trailer when we leave Friday morning. Please share this with everyone you can. If you do call tem and purchase anything to donate, please let me know on here, so I can make an accurate accounting of the items I need to receive from them.
  • shempshemp Posts: 507 Officer
    Are you going to O'Neill's to pick this stuff up prior to Friday?
  • Navy_FishingNavy_Fishing Posts: 813 Officer
    shemp wrote: »
    Are you going to O'Neill's to pick this stuff up prior to Friday?
    Yes. I will pick up any donations they have on Thursday evening about 7:30 PM, as they close at 8 pm. So far we have 5 cases of peroxide, about the same with bleach and even one generator.
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