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Hillsboro 8/30/17 Mahi, Almaco's, and Black Bellies

Finally got out after being gone most of the summer for work. Picked my son up from school a little early to head offshore. We dropped the boat in at 1:00 to beautiful conditions.

My son wanted to bottom fish, but I wanted to look for mahi, so we compromised and I took him for his first time deep dropping in about 850ft for black bellies. We made a few drops and caught 1 or 2 at a time, but a few of them were really nice sized. There was also tons of plankton in the water.

We then headed off looking for mahi. Around the 42 line we found a weedline and trolled down it. We hooked two mahi almost immediately. One jumped off and we boated the other fish. In the confusion my son had been letting a line out to put on the other rigger and forgot to lock up the lever when the fish hit, so I had to reel in a whole spool. In the mean time we came up on an upside down wooden box with about a dozen and a half tripletail on it, one of which was really large. We couldn't get him to eat but caught a bunch of almacos. We trolled a little more and caught a few more mahi. My son wanted to try to catch some more jacks before we headed in so we started chunking. After a few min the mahi showed up, I hooked one up and left him in the water and quickly caught another. Unfortunately I couldn't keep the chunks going and get the rod ready to go back out before the majority of the 1-2 dozen fish moved on. One stayed with the fish we had on the line and I got that one to eat a bucktail, but he came unglued on the flip into the boat.

It was getting late so we started the 21nm trip back to the inlet.
No monsters but not a bad days work and will make for some great memories!

I hope you guys can get out after them while they are still here.

That's chocolate all over his face by the way, nothing goes better with a successful day of fishing than chocolate chip cookies.


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