Sticker Price..Is it real..

Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 6,495 Admiral
So their asking 28,900 for this Truck...whatever one I pick out.
Internet Pricing ,Auto Trader, Many Dealers..
Lightly Used , 20ish miles..kinda Basic, King Cab , 4 doors.
It that my REAL price ? How much can I knock them down ?
If I use their Financing to get it out the door and pay it off right away with a check in full from another Lender will they give me a Break cause I did Financing In House ?
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  • mindyabinessmindyabiness Posts: 4,873 Captain
    Only one way to find out. Luckily, your in a position where you can negotiate. You have transportation and you can leave the negotiations at any time.
    I'm sure you could offer 10-15% less and leave with the truck.
    It's the end of the month.......sales quotas..... you know.
    Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon... No matter how good you are, the bird is going to crap on the board and strut around like it won anyway.
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    I do ALL my negotiating though email. Once I am happy I go down give them a check from my Credit Union and drive off.
  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 10,087 AG
    Face to face bs negotiating is long gone.

    Email, make deal, transfer funds and wait for delivery.
  • KortsmanKortsman Posts: 266 Deckhand
    TTT ask them and see. I'm curious to know how much more you can knock down off the internet price. Keep in mind the dealer fee and all the other nickle and dime stuff they try to add to that advertised price.
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    Last care I bought: sticker price was 15k-ish, I got a certified check from my bank for 13k. I brought it to them, and they said no. I got up and left... Next day they called and I picked up the car.

    They want to finance as they make more $. Talk to manager and offer cash or finance for 15% less than asking-out the door price.
  • King_MeKing_Me Delray Beach, FLPosts: 5,530 Admiral
    I absolutely hate negotiating a vehicle price, you know they're out to get the most out of you.. Every time I bought a vehicle from a dealership it took literally hours. If you know anyone who has a 'Black Book', start from what that say its worth.
  • Major WaderMajor Wader Posts: 702 Officer
    I actually know a trustworthy auto broker.

    There is a nationwide system in place for vehicles, similar to an MLS system. He can find you anything you want, down to the color. His prices are usually significantly below what I have seen locally.

    Let me know if you want his contact info.
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  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 10,087 AG
    I know an auction buyer that buys over 30 cars a month. He goes to Miami, Orlando and Atlanta. He doesn't need to go any farther. He gets pretty **** close to anything I want in a vehicle.
  • dannosdoormatsdannosdoormats Posts: 181 Deckhand
    Better buy it quickly, Harvey probably ate 100,000 trucks in Texas this week!
  • HeatwaveHeatwave Posts: 1,997 Captain
    Better buy it quickly, Harvey probably ate 100,000 trucks in Texas this week!

    I would take a vehicle out of there if the price was right, water in - water out dries and ready to go...
    Water can get into many places, but will dry and think you can get a good deal on a car if needed. Positive the used car dealers will be trying to sell them here in FLorida, up north, out west, anywhere but there....
    Something like a 2011 6.6 in great shape but declared by Insurance, they will turn up and great deals...

    Just like all the A/C on homes and other appliances, all gonna be scraped and resold at great prices...
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 6,495 Admiral
    One of my Work Trucks is a Hurricane survivor out of NJ after Hurricane Sandy.
    Looks great on the drivers side ,passengers is scratched to hell. Runs fine and it was way cheap..
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