The tarpon don't seem to mind all the rain

FINALLY... after being cooped up for a week with all this rain I was able to get out and look for some tarpon. I didn't know what to expect after all this rain... plus the tides were a little weak tonight but you couldn't have paid me to stay home today. Got out to the spot and immediately saw a few rollers here and there... juvis but hey, I'll take anything right now. Went 1 for 2 on the juvis before it got dark. Then the party started... that I wasn't invited to apparently. Tarpon party. They were everywhere. Everywhere. Everything from 30 to 100+... probably saw several hundred roll in 2 hours. I had ladyfish, pinfish, baitbusters, hogys... they wanted none of it. Just showing off all around me. :banghead

Ahh well... did the "3 more casts til I leave" countdown 5 or 6 times before finally giving up.

Oh... did catch a 36" snook with a pinfish... so there's that.

Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
Captain Keith Magnussen - Crooked Rod Charters


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