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Here comes Lamar



  • The VilleThe Ville Posts: 457 Deckhand
    Heatwave wrote: »
    I got no skin in the teams, none of them... Lou... is a good team, better last year and even better than that next year...
    I hope he doesn't try to come out next year out of boredom... He can play in the NFL with more time. This type of offense does not prepare him for the NFL. The NFL is done drafting spread offense guys and throwing them into starting positions. Only time will tell if he can up his game at QB...
    One problem with college now is the recruiting is almost unfair with Ohio State, Alabama loading all the 4 n 5 star players. One thing for sure, the Southeast has way more talent then the rest of the country... FL, and LA are the best 2, then Texas and GA.
    To bad the SOutheast doesnt turn to Pro Offense, would make for better football.. Then these teams could get the Pro talent QB's and WR positions would be more important... Just think Dumbing down college ball to get the best out of the talent for 3 -4 years with no thought to their future is not good for anyone but the admin. and $$$$$$$$$$ for the school... **** Greed in EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!
    90% of the kids going to school in the southeast Conf. and Maybe ACC never make it to the NFL. Thus, they come out of high school as a STAR, go to a college that wants them for their football physique and talent ONLY, break a limb, your gone, second string, your bench, nothing happens in the class room and most go home uneducated. Sad they do this to these kids for SCHOOL PRIDE and money... Used like a cheap pair of shoes..

    The kid can play. I hope he does play another year. Petrino mixes a pro style offense with read option. ACC wanted more teams and Louisville as a whole is the one of the most successful with a huge budget.
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  • Buford CletusBuford Cletus Posts: 2,031 Captain
    Is Petrino the same guy that got caught banging that broad at the Italian restaurant in Louisville?
  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 10,987 AG
    He's almost as bad as Meyer.

  • gettinwetgettinwet Posts: 1,366 Officer
    FSU's D held Bama to 269 yards and the are more talented and deeper than Clemson. Triva question for you when was the last time Bama was held to less than 275 yards rushing and under 100 years passing in a game. You are going to have to go the wwwwwaaaaayyyy back machine to find your answer. Ill be waiting for your answer.

    I think it had more to do with FSU being held to 250 yards and the turnovers. Bama was never really threatened so stuck to very conservative play calling.
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  • The VilleThe Ville Posts: 457 Deckhand
    2 down more to come.


    Still better than FSU.
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  • The VilleThe Ville Posts: 457 Deckhand

    FSU scored 4 less points and gave up 12 less points against the same NC State Team.
    Ville was never in the game. FSU was in the game until the end.

    Dood your high, obviously you never watched the game.
    It's not my job to provide your education look it up yourself!
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 15,434 AG
    was i high or did Iowa State beat Oklahoma with a linebacker playing QB?
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  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 10,987 AG
    That defense sucks.
  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 10,987 AG
    Where's the Ville? Been awfully quiet lately.
  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 10,987 AG
    He certainly has gone quiet, strange.
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