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YC Rick' Private Charter

Thanks to Greatwall, Brian, Wallace, Jorge, Rick and DeepDrop who helped me pull off a last minute trip as weather lately have been my nemesis. My odds has been less than 25%. Once a spot was secured Nov 7th, passed over the Nov 4th trip, it was logistics time, securing a ride, bait, retrieve rods/wts from Jorge, and ride down with Wallace, his first YC trip. The usual, getting bait( spanish) at the piers, GI from Rick, and pins/bally at Big pine, we were ready.

Having said that the weather was sunny and still sporty when we headed out. We started fishing before 10Pm and it was a pick at each spot with a steady current off to the rear ports side the entire trip 8 -12oz min. Sharpnose were present at almost every stop, YT and mostly <125 except on a few occations where we attempted 175' but it was not sustainable. The muttons caught were a mix of slobs to 16 3/4 and the mediums. Not too many muffins. A few Af Pomp ( 1-30+#), cobia (14#), and a few Kings (<20#) were caught, a small black, scamp, and some RG. There were a decent amount of Muttons caught for the regulars with the freshest GI bait as that lasted the longest from the onslaught of the YT. Pin fish was also a good option. Speed also worked well. Spanish just get destroyed in minutes.

Wallace caught his first 15+ mutton and it was chewed by a giant HH shark at the stern. He did end up getting another 6# whole fish. I struggled to finish up at 2 as well a 16# and 7#, a bunch of tails and lost a nice cobe that took my chicken rig bait that ripped over 200yds of line before the hook opened up. thought it was shark until my neighbor pulled another cobe on chicken rig. Need to brush up on my DT skills. HH must be in the high teens or limit.

Milky bottom, shark, YT and tide are areas that one had to overcome to get bitten. AT some spots the Muttons did not run and had to be hit soon after as you feel the taps in the shallow as the RG was mixed in. If you waited too long you were hung up. No Pics on this trip.

As usual fantastic host , mates , joe at the galley, and the accomodating Capts.


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