Wreckin the Redfish

Seems like it's been forever since I've posted, been very busy. Only went scalloping once with the family and then fishing maybe 2 times since.
Took my cousins from New York out for a little snapper fishing and scalloping and they loved it. Everyone had a great time. Wish some more snapper would've made it to the dinner table, but we had plenty of scallops.

Go Pro Video

Got out to check the redfish run if they have made it in yet. Right at high tide every redfish out there all of a sudden was hungry. got there at 12 from 12:30-2 we seemed to catch 1-2 reds every cast. All were upper and over slot. More slot fish than previous years. Bigger ones haven't made their way in just yet. Caught 5 28-30" reds, probably 15 were 25-27". Made a pretty fun little video of it. Couldn't record every fish. Billy caught most of his on a new penny gulp shrimp. Mine were all on live or dead shrimp didnt matter sitting on the bottom with a yellow jighead. Side note someone that watches my videos recognized me again that was pretty cool, not sure who he was or where he saw them. Guess a guy in the deck boat with a go pro on his head stands out

Go Pro Video


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