Four in the morning

Fishing the 1K islands again this morning. With the rain the waters turned a green/white and it stinks back in the canals. Water temp has come down. About 83-84 out where I fish, a little higher back in the canals.

Went hunting bait first thing but found nothing. I'm sure there was some around but the rains seemed to turn the water opaque just about everywhere so I couldn't see them. Waded around a bit with the cast net. A keeper sheepshead swam up to my leg and sat there looking at me. Decided not to net it. I had to shake my foot at it before it took off. Don't know what's going on with the sheepies - someone else said they're seeing similar behavior in Sykes Creek.

So its frozen mullet chunks again this week. Tried one spot and nothing. Cruised up to an old favorite spot. Tossed the chunk up to the mangrove line and almost immediately the line starts going tight. Reel it up and it's game on with an over slot red. Got him up to the boat and was reaching for the net when he ran under the boat and back out around the anchor line. Before I could get unwrapped he had pulled the line down to the rusty old anchor shackle and broke off. Hit a couple of other spots nearby and only a catfish.

Moved on to a favorite spot in a different area. The line started moving pulled it tight and the bait was dropped. Same again. Pretty sure its a catfish. Reel it in and put it back on the mangrove line. After a couple of more grab and drops the fish finally commits. Started reeling and not too much resistance and a small surface splash and I'm still thinking catfish. Until it turned the other way and starting taking drag. After several good runs got him to the boat and netted. Here's my four (spot) in the morning 29" red:

Only one more cat before I headed in.

Now I've heard tell of the tarpon being back in the 1K islands lately but I haven't personally seen them yet. My neighbor and his girlfriend have been chasing one by his favorite fishing spot all week. Hooked him twice but he broke off both times. Named him Terry. Finally last night he hooked Terry and got him to the boat. Maybe its because I fish mornings and they fish evenings that they're finding the tarpon in that area.


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,915 AG
    Nice 4 spotter....
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
  • hasbeenhasbeen Posts: 55 Greenhorn
    We do most of our fishing around crystal river. What area is the 1000 islands.
  • TeejTeej Posts: 153 Deckhand
    Cocoa Beach area - nice to see a good report from there - they got hard hit by the last fish kill.
  • straygeckostraygecko Cocoa BeachPosts: 77 Greenhorn
    Yeah, I remember heading out to fish that morning and seeing all the dead fish - it was heart breaking. Despite some fair fishing its not really doing that well back here in the 1K islands. The water used to be nice and gin clear most of the time and now its the reverse. The rotting smell yesterday was awful - probably the hot water the last week or so rotting some algae and the bottom muck. I'm surprised the fishing is as good as it is. We have a long way to go.
  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 746 Officer
    Im 28 years old and I still talk about fishing "back in the day"! I used to have no problem going out after school and getting 3-5 trout to 24" and a couple nice slot sized reds(all catch and release). Would get tons of snook around the pump house across from golf course and baby tapron would be thick in the "library canal" off Brevard and 2nd I visit my parents house I don't even bring my rods......:banghead
    we need more internet money
  • FS ShelbyFS Shelby Posts: 688 Admin
    Great report, thanks for sharing with the FS forum community!

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