8-16 Found Some Hogs and Wicked Jellyfish Sting YOUCH!!!!

No big plans for today after getting our bug fix the last few days:):):).....ran around, dropped in and thankfully found a few hogs:wink:wink:wink.....thankful :blowkiss for that for both Mrs. LA and I....unfortunately :banghead:banghead:banghead while surfacing got NAILED by a massive moon jellyfish, my worst sting in my entire life, it felt like I was on fire no joke!:hairraiser:hairraiser:hairraiser. Thankfully my lovely wife had some Zyrtec D on board and and we ate a fabulous lunch of steak tortillas prepared by her this morning:grin.

Fresh hogs, not much better IMHO!!! :thumbsup:thumbsup. Enjoy and get out there.

Hogfish almondine on the platter this evening with a champagne toast!!!:thumbsup


  • coderun1018coderun1018 Posts: 37 Deckhand
    Holly ****...I didn't think that packed that hard of a hit...that one could have jump started a truck
  • wahoo1wahoo1 Posts: 96 Greenhorn
    I was done in July and had to deal with them almost every time I jumped in the water. Most of them were very minor stings but one got me being the knee and it was awful. Took about 12 hours to finally stop stinging and left a nasty mark for about a week. I didn't think they stung that bad until that one got me. Good luck, ouch!
  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,733 Captain
    Good meal---Bad experience!!:banghead
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,140 AG
    Holly ****...I didn't think that packed that hard of a hit...

    Jenn got whacked by them off Tavernier in 2013....... still has scars on her arm........

    We had two young boys on the boat that day who had seen episodes of "Survivor"...........

    With her arm nearly on fire, young Patrick yelled out, "Quick! Somebody pee on Jenn's arm"! :hairraiser
  • beat to fitbeat to fit Posts: 2,076 Captain
    My wife got sting bad 2 yrs ago, but I carry ammonia on the boat, mixed it with fresh water and poured it over the areas.. 2 mins later... all good!

    Same day, by Sombrero reef a family got stung and were freaking out, so luckily we were driving right by and I gave them the option of peeing on themselves or using our ammonia... LOL
  • FishinNoleFishinNole Posts: 407 Officer
    Nasty marks. Gotta love hogs though.
  • piner_wahoopiner_wahoo Posts: 3,358 Captain
    nice jellyfish bite
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  • EdkoEdko Posts: 35 Greenhorn
    Always have meat tenderizer on the boat.

    Or pee on it.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,702 Moderator
    Jellyfish bite has been on fire..

    Sorry , couldn't help myself. :rolleyes
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  • kayakerinkeywestkayakerinkeywest Posts: 450 Deckhand
    Man, you went deep on that Jellyfish. Much respect.
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  • AOKRVsAOKRVs Posts: 1,853 Captain
    nice hogs but that is paying the price

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  • NorthernNorthern Posts: 875 Officer
    Mercy... that is a nasty welt. Fortunately, hogs don't always come at that price.

    Is the bottom fish a French Angel?
  • Plastered2850Plastered2850 Posts: 1,626 Captain
    :funnypost Jelly fish bite on fire.
  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,002 Captain
    Thanks for the comments, some are super hysterical....now am carrying ammonia as well as benadryl spray, hopefully that will not happen again but am sure at some point it will.

    The swelling has gone down but I seem to have a decent looking cut on my neck, guessing I will end up with a scar. Still have lots of bumps that itch as well but thankfully nothing too serious. On another note saw a huge 10 foot bull shark out back while diving yesterday, freaked me out big time! Did find some of the largest and I mean over 2 foot long and probably 10-15 pound mango snapper but missed the one shot I had, still can't believe how big they were.

    We also saw a large blacktip shark and giant manta ray, really cool.

    And yes we did get lucky finding a number of decent hogs, obviously that is going to change real soon with the regulations changing.

    Northern, the 3rd pic is a french angel fish, my wife has become quite the photographer the last few years.

    Been good eats all week and I think this pm will be our last day on the boat, looking kinda rainy this weekend.

    Be safe out there!
  • woodytoowoodytoo Posts: 295 Deckhand
    Oh my lord - ouch! Gotta look that up so I can try to avoid.

    Really nice eats and great pics! Will be back in a week.

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  • N2naclh20N2naclh20 Posts: 279 Deckhand
    Urinating on jelly stings is a myth and can in some cases make it worse as the salt in pee can make the nematocysts fire more. The best thing to use is vinegar due to it's acidity and then scraping off the stingers with something flat like a credit card edge, any further direct pressure will cause more venom to be released.
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  • bluewater352bluewater352 Posts: 31 Greenhorn
    Ouch. That is one hardcore sting. Hope you are doing better.
  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,002 Captain
    Ouch. That is one hardcore sting. Hope you are doing better.

    Between lots of neosporin and Vitamin A/D ointment the cuts are finally healed and not very noticeable at all, keeping my fingers crossed it will disappear. Thanks for the comments and hope if anything this brings attention to the matter for others.
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