8-13 and 8/14 Midday Heat Equals Some Nice Snapper- Solo Limit on Bugs Today!

After getting up at the crack of dawn and driving down, we unloaded the car and launched boat mid-day not expecting much action due to the hot weather......made it out to near 100 feet, moved a few times and it was pretty slow as far as keepers but lots of fish were caught but it was too darn hot. We thankfully got a few, Mrs. LA caught the most keepers :blowkiss but I caught the biggest :) and they were some of my largest mango snapper this year, surprised as hell considering it was like 90 degrees. Pretty wiped out by the time we were heading back in but a great first day for us offshore.

Made a solo trip today and thankfully found my bug limit, rather surprised and left a few out there, some nice ones as well...good times and good to be back!

Enjoy the pics, making whole mango portugese style with garlic, onion, several kinds of peppers, potatoes and andouille sausage with white wine and cilantro along with lemon slices and several spices, just a great dish.

Tomorrow is our 25th anniversary of our first date-congrats Mrs LA for making some great memories with me:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:wink:grin:grin:grin:grin:grin:grin!


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