CK- More Reds

I was supposed to be in the Miller's tournament but we had something come up and my wife couldn't go. My bro-in-law had plans, brother had car issues, fishing buddy was sick and my son works nights at Union County Correctional and he was going to bed about the time I planned on putting in the boat. So I didn't get in the tourney but went over anyway. Got in my red hole too late and had about 45 minutes of water to fish before it gets to shallow. Pulled in one keeper size red and lost another. Moved to the shell bars off North Key and picked up another keeper and a large jack. A storm moves in, picture of rainbow with storm, so I loaded up to go home around 1000. When I stop at the store to pick up a drink the storm falls apart. I had nothing to do the rest of the afternoon so I put back in and go out to catch some trout during the low tide. The shorts were biting my Gulp shrimp. Moved around hitting the deeper edges of the grass flats and managed three keeper size. Went back to my red hole a second time to fish the top of the incoming. I've been getting them the two hours after the high so I didn't know if they would be there. Caught five more keepers with the biggest at 23 1/2. The other 4 plus the 2 from earlier were between 19-21". I took some terrible pics for proof because one of my friends on here doesn't seem to believe my stories.:grin That's the longest time I've spent on the water in a while. Put on some 100 sunblock and luckily i dont look like a lobster today.


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