08/12/17 Should we go or should we stay? Rain cells on the way.

We'd been looking for a weather window that would allow a run southwest off the lighthouse to an area we call the "honeyhole": a 30 plus mile run to a 70 ft. area that has produced nice grouper limits on a regular basis.
Donna and Craig live in NE Naples, a good 1 1/2 hr. ride to the boat in St. James City.
Up at 4:30 AM checking the weather: winds are good, 5 to 6 knots. Rain cells, not good: moving south to north along the shoreline from 10 to 30 miles off shore. What to do? After some text messages it was determined to give it a try. Scott's boat would be our ride today. A first stop to get bait in the Sound on the flats. Bait was all around; should've brought the 1/4 cast net as the bait was on the small side and most were getting gilled.

As we cleared the lighthouse,our track was directly into the biggest rain cell to reach our location. Good thing no thunder or lightning at this point. As we got closer, the much colder air could be felt and the rain was very cold and hurt. We decided to run around the cell and get around it to clear skies. This worked for awhile until the boomers started as the cell got closer. We did box some nice lanes before we had to move to get closer to our planned destination. We did get there, and the bite was steady on lanes and short reds...Time to move to a place we call the "ditch"; it drops off to 73 ft. The bite was fast for lanes and short reds. Then the monsters showed up: it was broken leaders, lost lures, bent hooks, and one broken heavy spinning rod rated for 40 lb.line. We had doubles on Goliaths: any pinfish or whole bait and it was a hit in minutes. Scott was the only one to get one to the surface for a picture.

We were tired, wet and hot from losing battles. Time to head in: seas were great. Now to clean fish and drink wine.
Hopefully Scott. Donna and Craig will also post some pictures.
Life is good in Southwest Florida.
Get out there and enjoy time on the water.


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