Siesta Key / Venice Beach area

I'm new to this area and was curious what is hitting and where should I go right now. Would like to fish off the beach and any local piers. Also when is the best time of day, bait etc. Any help would be appreciated . I have 8 and 10 ft surf rods with 4000 and 6000 size reels with 30 and 50lb braid. Also have a 7ft ugly stick with a 5000 size reel. For bait I have frozen squid,salt clams and fish bites. Not sure what live baits to use right now. I have some pompano rigs I can use also with 2oz pyramids Thanks in advance. I made the same post in the general fishing topic section was not sure where it should be posted.


  • grundymungrundymun Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Try fishing the south jetty in Venice using your seven foot ugly stick along with your 4000 series reel, the 30 lb braid will be fine matched up with mono leader of 30 lb tied to a hook that is suitable to the size of bait you choose. Free lining live shrimp, pin fish or best yet lady fish will get you hooked up with a snook on a good tide. The live shrimp will give many different fish species. With the heat now you will do better in the a.m.. Caspersen Beach is another place to go, drive all the way to the end at the restroom area and park and go down to the first set of rocks to the right not far and catch some pins not far out just in the first trough using very small hook like for fresh water sun fish tip it with a very small piece of squid to catch them keeping them in a bucket with aeration. Hook them up through the roof of the mouth with a hook sized to the bait. Free line them on side of the rocks and hang on. I have pulled some nice girls up out of both the Jetty and Caspersen Beach.
  • joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,258 Captain
    Good tips. Fish both areas on occasion. Lite gear fine for Caspersen (usually). Landing a big snook or red at the Jetty can be a problem but there will be plenty around to give you help. Good luck.
  • BZ06BZ06 Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    Thanks for that info grundymun really appreciate it. I recently just put a Okuma ABF40b on one of my 7ft medium power ugly sticks , wow what a weight difference over the **** Fierce 5000. Seems more balanced now. Going to put the Fierce 5000 on a 8ft surf rod. Im pretty new to all this so Im sure I will be making all kinds of mistakes along the way.
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