Quick CK Red Trip

I took care of an early morning job on Sunday morning and got home around noon. Told my wife the high tide was around 1:30 and if we hurried we could catch a couple hours of the outgoing. Set up in our spot at 2:30. My wife caught 4 Reds and I got 5. Two under slot and seven between 18-24". We are in a tourney next weekend that is weighing in reds, trout and mackerel. I've caught maybe three macks all years while out fishing for trout on the flats this year. Usually run into a alot more than that as a bycatch. We don't keep them but if we could get one to weigh in we'll keep it. Has anyone had any luck with them lately over there? It's an outgoing tide all morning and low around noon so we'll be out on the deeper flats after fishing for reds in the morning.


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