Haven't posted in a while, but was So happy with my trip today that I wanted to share it, a first time trip with just my daughter and I. Her kids, my grandkids, are avid fisherman and it's hard to get out without them. Fuzzy is 7 and has caught 30,31 & 32" Snook, and 11yr old Maddy has caught 25" Red, Snook and lost a monster Snook on Saturday. Our trip this morning was a very short 3 hour, dock to dock, but the tide was good and the fish gods were smiling on us. Megan caught two big Snook and an oversized trout, all on topwater. I caught a Snook too, and it was not as small as she says, just so you know. LOL. We saw Dolphins, Manatee, ospreys diving and a pair of Frigate birds up close. Great time with one of my favorite people!


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