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I am looking for recommendations for a spinning rod capable of casting long distances with lures, that is light and easy to use. I have a spot by my house where the fish are just out of reach. I want to throw lures, mainly in the 1/2 to 1 oz range. I am thinking a 9' rod, medium, fast action but not sure if a salmon rod would work for the application purposes. Any other ideas? I want to be able to achieve maximum distance but still be able to work a lure so not sure a surf rod would be effective. Money is not an issue if I can find the right tool for the job!


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    9' surf rod sounds about right. Surf rods are all I used up in NY, and I never had a problem working lures in that size range and even smaller.
  • charlessyversoncharlessyverson Posts: 49 Greenhorn
    9' surf rod sounds about right. Surf rods are all I used up in NY, and I never had a problem working lures in that size range and even smaller.

    Any recommendations for brands or models? I want a fast action, nothing moderate.
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    Look into Avet's line of reels (MC-Magnetic cast in particular). Don't think they fit the bill for casting 1oz lures, but they are very light, one-piece conventional style, smooth reels and Made in the USA :USA. A lot of guys on the SD long range tuna boats use them. I use mine on the Yankee Capt trips for the bottom & occasionally on the kites locally. Love them!!


    Happy hunting. I know you mentioned spinning reel, but figured Id share anyways.... GL.
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    Stealth wrote: »

    Thanks for finding that link. Brings back some fond memories.
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    Look at Lamiglas GSB series. The 108 1L (9') is the blank model. Lamiglas makes it in a production rod but I don't know what the model # is.
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    Find a Tsunami dealer, I have a 10' & 12fter,covers all my needs! Have 2 other 12' that are my primary pompano rods! About $129
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    I am currently using a Tsunali Airwave Elite 9' 6", 1-3oz surf spinning rod.
    I love it. It is light weight paired with a Penn SSV 4500 or SSV 5500.
    We are all limited to that really distant fish in the surf. However, I can throw a 2oz KastMaster way out there, and hope that I don.t hook a big Tarpon or shark, They normally retail for $159.00, I bought mine online during a special sale for $119.00 delivered!
    Lamiglas are great rods, but their price is a little prohibitive for me. I have two surf and jetty 10' models. plus a couple of shorter sticks.
    Have fun looking.
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    maximum distance is mostly achieve thru a custom rod where the guide lay out is matched to the intended reel.
    on the 9ft range the best caster that loads 1oz are CTS, Century, Fiberstar composites, blackhole.
    lamiglas gsb is behind the times. Lami used to have a ron arra series, ron arra is a disntace caster champion but has now moved to cousins rod.
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    OP - if you`re still looking for recommendations i know a guy in Delray who sells long distance lure casting rods for a fraction of the local guys "custom" rods. Rods are used extensively in Africa/Australia - i have 3 of them ranging from 1/2 oz to 3oz - there's nothing that casts like these rods and they are light weight.

  • charlessyversoncharlessyverson Posts: 49 Greenhorn

    I would be interested in that contact info if you could provide it.

  • GeeTeeGeeTee Boca RatonPosts: 129 Deckhand

    Sure - https://www.gticecream.com/ - if you make an inquiry make sure to tell Dylan Wayne sent you. Not sure which area youre in but if in Ft Lauderdale im actually going to throw some lures on Sat morning, probat the inlet, more than welcome to come and cast with my rods!

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    Gee Tee, do you know if they sell conventional surf rods? I am old school and do not like spinners. From the web site I couldn't tell.

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    Shimano Tiralejo rods are pretty nice. I have two of the 11' rods paired with Shimano Big Baitrunner Long Cast Ci4. Very light and casts to the moon with 50lb slick 8.

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    @conchydong said:
    Gee Tee, do you know if they sell conventional surf rods? I am old school and do not like spinners. From the web site I couldn't tell.

    Yeah they do - the Beachmaster series is pretty awesome - i have a 4-6oz 12ft rod i use for the surf to cast bait with, super light and sensitive.

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    Ideally, I would really like a normal spinning rod configuration ( shorter butt) rather than a surf rod style.  Any recommendations for that style?  Maybe a 8' or even 8'6" rod?
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    Look at the Tsunami Airwave Elite 8’8” - that might meet your needs
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